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General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation N/A
Colors Blue and Red
Founded October, 2010
Dissolved August 18th, 2011
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/27 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Nude Wrestling Alliance
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Aotearoa (October 2010 - August 2011) was a political party formally active in New Zealand. From November 2010 to March 2011, the party was the preeminent political entity in NZ.

History-Early Period

Aotearoa was founded in October, just prior to the official launch of New Zealand in the “New World”. Its early membership was disproportionally drawn from Serbian-Kiwi's who migrated to NZ from Serbia in order to start a new life. The party was originally named New New Zealand but adopted its current title just prior to the October, 2010 Congressional elections.

In the October Parliamentary elections, the party captured 19 of 40 seats in the Parliament, giving it a plurality. In the first Presidential elections in November 2010, the party supported RL Kiwi Calbe. Following his election, the party secured a number of posts in his Cabinet, notably members included Don KronoX (DK), Kurojca and Reaaltioneer.

Single-Party Rule

During November, the party under the leadership of veteran player Don KronoX, began to build up the party in preparation for running its own Presidential candidate. It built up its membership and brought in new citizens to NZ. This paid off for the party in the November Parliamentary elections when it captured a single-party majority, winning 22 of 40 seats.

In December, the party strengthened its grip when DK was elected President with over 60% of the vote. This officially gave the party complete control over the government. During the KronoX Presidency, the party helped to stabilize NZ’s food market, dealt with the "Darkmantle Scandal” and disbanded/reformed the NZDF. KronoX also led a “unity cabinet” that included figures from other parties (PnPP & KSD).

The December Parliamentary elections saw the party increase its majority, as it won 26 of 40 seats. It benefited from a splintered “opposition” and from a loyal and dedicated party membership. The party retained the Presidency in the January elections when Kurojca was elected with 59% of the vote. His government was also a “unity cabinet” made up of “Aotearoa” and its traditional rival the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP). Cabinet members included reaktionaer, loader, Kemis and Jockaye.

The Kurojca Cabinet dealt with NZ’s first major wars the "Otago-Tasmania Swap” and the Headless Wallaby War between NZ and Chile. The party swept the January Parliamentary elections capturing 28 of 40 seats. In the February Presidential election, candidate and former PP Koska de STRAH was elected President with 66% of the vote.

The February Parliamentary elections marked the high point for the party, when it won 29 of 40 seats. The party continued to benefit from an increasingly shirking and disorganized opposition. In the March Presidential election, the party scored its most decisive victory when its candidate loader won office with 71% of the vote.

Bass and the Exodus

Things changed for the party on March 15th, when the establishment candidate Helen Moon suffered an upset defeat in the PP elections to veteran eNZ player Bass Junkie. This led to major changes within the party and saw a large portion of the membership withdraw.

The party’s membership quickly plummeted. A majority of the members switched to the Red label Party (RLP) or the Demokratska Stranka Srpske (DSS). The party’s parliamentary delegation collapsed from 29 to 1 in the span of only five days.

Leadings figures withdrew, including then President loader, who joined the DSS, former Cabinet Ministers kemis (DSS), IvanMiletic (RLD), Helen Moon (RLP) and former President and party PP Koska de STRAH joined the RLP. Many cited the sudden move by “Bass” and their refusal to work under his leadership.

Bass Era

Bass impressed many by holding the party together and keeping it a top-five party. In the March 25th parliamentary elections the party won 1 of 40 seats (the member being Bass). Following these results, the party witnessed its membership collapse further, reducing the party to the #5 position.

In the April 5th Presidential elections, “Aoteraoa”, did something many once thought impossible and supported the PnPP candidate Xanthar Zaiban. He came second with 32% of the vote and 83 votes. This was made possibly because of Bass's ties to various figures within the PnPP and to his long history of opposition to the "Aotearoa" leadership. He quickly began to realign the party as part of the "opposition".

In the April 15 PP election, Bass was returned unopposed and quickly sought to prepare a slate of candidates for the April 25 parliamentary elections. The party nominated six candidates and on election day elected 1 of 40 seats (the winner being Bass). The rest were viewed as token candidates and some even suspected them of being multi-accounts. Eventually all five were banned by the admins.

By early May, things had changed immensely. On April, 27, a large portion (nearly 25 members) became inactive or "dead accounts". This caused a collapse in the membership from 30 to just 5, knocking the party out of the top-five for the first time in its history. Bass took this time to leave the party and jumped to the PnPP. Thus ending one of the most controversial and upending periods in the party's history.


The post-Bass era was a trying time for the party. It was reduced to a membership of just four and had little prospect of returning to the top-five. The remaining members were simply two-clickers, who had little interest in actively promoting the party. This made for little hope that it could rebuild and without a strong figure, the party began to be eclipsed by other smaller parties. The most notably being its former ally, the Taranaki Tribe and the remnants of the Speight's Supporters Party.

The PP during this era was Viadd Cabon, a player who rose to the position as the highest ranked member in the party. He did little to boost the party and simply remained in place. The membership was generally stale and had little interest in rebuilding the party. It therefore lacked the dynamic figures which had been so essential to its dominance in the past.

Throughout May and early June, the party remained a hallow shell, lacking any formal organization or leadership structure. Its membership did rise, moving to between five and six members. This was mostly because two-clickers joined it, not realizing its weakness. Cabon did little to aid it and neither did the big parties, most of whom viewed it as a relic of the past.


Changes came to the party in the June PP elections, when little known player Dadan stood for leadership. He was the first candidate since March to actually be nominated and secured 3 votes. The fact he secured votes was an indication that party's remaining members did have an interest in seeing it remain alive.

Although the party remained still, it made another major move during the July 5 Presidential election. For the first time in over two months, the party actually supported a candidate. In an ironic twist, the party endorsed the PnPP candidate, Bass Junkie, the man so identified with its current state of affairs.


Throughout July and August, Dadan had trouble reviving the party and its membership continued to stagnate. It's failure to attract members made it a prime target for PTO by outside players.

In the August PP elections, Beermagedon, a former member of the National Front New Zealand was elected PP. He quickly dissolved the party upon election.

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
October, 2010 Sigmundsg First PP of Aotearoa
November - December, 2010 Don KronoX Served 2x as PP of Aotearoa, and 2nd Prime Minister of New Zealand
January, 2010 Koska de STRAH 4th Prime Minister of New Zealand
February, 2010 Mikele_srb
March - April, 2011 Bass Junkie Took over the party in a surprise victory.
May, 2011 Viadd Cabon Inherited party as highest ranked member
June - July 2011 Dadan First elected PP since Bass
August, 2011 Beermagedon Dissolved Party