Alain Echeverri

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Dead citizen

Alain Echeverri


Alain Echeverri.jpg
Nationality Flag-Chile.jpg Chilean
National rank 32
Date of birth 06.08.2009 - Day 625
Date of death February 2010
Residence Zona Austral
President of Chile
October 6, 2009 – October 13, 2009
Preceded by helo12
Succeeded by IVicentico
Rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel

Alain Echeverri is a former President of Chile, and a 5 time member of Congress. Alain was permanently suspended for using System Exploits. It is presumed this was the "war declaration" bug.


Alain Echeverri earnt 6 hard worker achievements during their eLifetime.


Alain Echeverri reached the military rank of Colonel. They also earnt 2 Super Soldier achievements.


Alain Echeverri served the Congress of Chile on 5 separate occasions. Alain Echeverri was also the President of Chile in October of 2009. Alain was impeached on October 13, 2009, and IVicentico officially became the president instead. Alain was also a proud member of the Partido Nacional Republicano party in Chile.


Alain Echeverri owned the newspaper Velis Nolis, a newspaper which still has 58 subscriptions to it.