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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 2579
Date of birth 27 March 2009
Residence Montana
Political party United States Workers Party
Commander-in-Chief of Australian Military
6 January 2010 –
Preceded by Mack Craft
Chief of Staff of United States Workers Party
22 August 2009 – 26 November 2009
Preceded by GoBucks
Succeeded by Jasper Ferguson
PAC Director of United States Workers Party
26 May 2009 – 10 July 2009
PAC Director - South Region of United States Workers Party
26 April 2009 – 26 May 2009
Succeeded by ligtreb
Congressman of USA
26 May 2009 – 26 October 2009
Secretary of State of USA
6 November 2009 – 8 December 2009
Deputy Secretary of Defense of USA
15 August 2009 – 6 October 2009
Secretary of Citizen Affairs of USA
7 May 2009 – 5 July 2009
Military unit Rogue Squadron
Rank Icon rank World Class Force.png World Class Force
Cerb is War

—The World

Cerb is a citizen of USA.


Life in the USWP

PAC Director - South Region

Cerb jumped into USWP election efforts in April with both feet, assisting with Presidential and Congressional elections. Ananias, the sitting Party President in May, asked him to take over as one of the 4 regional PAC Directors, along with ligtreb, Thomas.Anderson, and qkoller. Since there was currently no sitting PAC Director, Cerb teamed up with ligtreb to organize a stunning USWP performance. The USWP picked up a record 23 seats, the most that any one party in the eUS has received to-date.

PAC Director

After the May Congressionals, Cerb and ligtreb both moved up to the USWP Executive Board, arguably the most influential non-government council in the eUS. Cerb became the Political Action Committee Director (overseeing the 4 regional directors), and Jasper Ferguson moved up as a new regional PAC Director. Despite a revival of RightCon and other concentrated efforts to pick off USWP seats, Cerb and numerous other party personnel (especially the famous Dania) engineered another successful election for the USWP, resulting in 23 seats yet again.

Chief of Staff

Due to several personal circumstances, Cerb took a brief hiatus from the active Executive Board in July. When he returned, Party President Zcia asked him to take over the Chief of Staff position so that Ian John Locke IV could devote more time to his other role (Business Affairs Director).

American Politics

April through June 2009 - Congressional races

Cerb's first attempt at a Congressional seat was in Kentucky on April 25th. His chief competitor for the slot was Bastion, a notable figure in eUS political and military activities. Bastion, running as the Conservative Party (CvP) candidate, was successful in ousting his USWP opponent. Still, the campaigns were run with great integrity, and Bastion and Cerb remain close friends to this day.

In the following month (May), Ananias appointed Cerb to replace Citizen Dru in the New York race. Cerb won handily in May (and again in June), and devoted his time in Congress to encouraging public voting records, authoring Congressional reports to the public, and advocating increased military spending. He was a strong opponent of the 'free trade' plan, arguing that the typical incentives and benefits of this system did not really exist in an economic mainframe as simple as eRepublik's. Instead, Cerb argued for peacetime economic policy tailored to the industry in question and higher tariffs.

July 2009 - PTO's and Seat Freezes

After a failed attempt to unify the major parties around a national primary system, Zcia announced that the USWP would withdraw from the July Congressional elections in the eUS, and instead assist in counter-intelligence operations against PEACE abroad. Several USWP candidates ran in France in an attempt to prevent the country from becoming the next PEACE behemoth. Cerb was asked to participate as a blocking candidate in Tennessee, to prevent PEACE spies from running under the USWP banner. It is amusing to note that Cerb actually changed his avatar and shouted for his opponents, but he ended up winning regardless.

Cerb was selected by Speaker of the House James S. Pfeiffer to be Chairman of the Military Committee. Although the war tended to reduce the need for this committee, he did work with Josh Frost to ensure that military branches received as much funding as possible, given the damaged economy.

August 2009 - Florida, anyone?

On August 25th, the eUSA consisted of only 1 region - Florida. Maine had been conquered the day before, so a voter's only prerogative was to pick the best candidate running in Florida, out of more than 30. In order to block potential PEACE spies and because of its size, the USWP ran a full 8 candidates in Florida. This had the effect of splitting the vote, but Cerb was 1 of 5 USWP Senators elected (out of 11 victorious candidates). Due to an odd bug, candidates of conquered regions were also brought in, despite 0 votes cast, leading to the unofficial term 'Senat0r'.

Secretary of Citizen Affairs

President scrabman appointed Cerb to the revived post of Secretary of Citizen Affairs in May, a position he served in for 2 months. Although Cerb was given no specific mandate, he served as liaison and press secretary for domestic programs, working to boost awareness and involvement with Meals on Wheels, the Department of Education, the Mentoring Program, and the Welcoming Committee.

Deputy Secretary of Defense

After Chris Willson's resignation from Deputy Secretary of Defense in early August, Cerb was designated to fill the role. As the eUSA was losing regions at a rate of two per day, the DepSecDef's primary responsibility was the operation of the Flying Unicorn Squadron. Once the home of a counter-PTO force, the Flying Unicorn Squadron had adapted to wartime needs and become a citizen relocation agency. Its primary responsibility was to evacuate American citizens from occupied territory, and provide them with detailed instructions. Thanks to the work of Cerb and several other tireless patriots, the Flying Unicorn Squadron responded to over 2500 requests for assistance in a period of approximately 10 days.

Secretary of State

With Josh Frost's election to the Presidency, Cerb was made Secretary of State, and tasked with the daunting job of rebuilding a struggling State Department and a defunct Ambassadorial Affairs office. He wasted no time, working with President Frost to set up a new State Department and revive the Ambassador program.

During Cerb's time as Secretary of State, he played a vital role in the alliance with Italy, the peace with France, the USA's entrance into EDEN, and the development of stronger relations between the USA and Sol.

Military Career

Mobile Infantry

Since the formation of the Mobile Infantry under General Bastion, Cerb has consistently served in platoon and company leadership positions, although his time spent in Congress has prevented him from deploying abroad with the rest of the soldiers on most occasions. He is proud to have served with some of the finest men and women in the eUS military, and has the highest respect for all of the military branches (and their leaders) in the eUSA.

SEAL Team 6

Cerb resigned his commission in the US Mobile Infantry to take a platoon leader position in the militia created by Josh Frost: SEAL Team 6. Credited as coming up with the name for the group, Cerb also created a promotional video for the group, in an attempt to raise more money for the private force.

The Dropbears

Upon his arrival in Australia in November 2009, Cerb was admitted to the Dropbears, Australia's hardest-hitting military unit. He quickly integrated himself into new unit and developed many new friends. Although he is currently Commander-in-Chief for the entire Australian military, he still deploys alongside his fellow Dropbears.

Going to Australia


Cerb had long been a student of Australian affairs, but did not officially move until November 2009. He observed the political and military scene, and after a month, started reporting on Australian news. He applied for citizenship and was invited to join the Dropbears by Schoft, the Dropbear Marshal at the time.


Leading up to the January election scene, Cerb approached all of the candidates with the intention to discuss the military reform needed in the Australian military. He discovered that Cottus Arci was the most agreeable to changing the military structure, and chose to privately endorse him for Prime Minister. Impressed with Cerb's military background, Cottus asked Cerb to head up the military changes he was proposing as Commander-in-Chief. This new position combined the jobs of AMM and MoD, but subtracted the elements of company management and reallocated them to the Minister of Industry.

Cerb began the Australia-Indonesia War.