Cesar Augustus

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Cesar Augustus

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Residence Prince Edward Island
Sex Male
Congressman of Canada
Military unit Canadian Armed Forces
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


He was once a pain in Canada's side. He had such Multi Accounts as BIG FLIPADOO MONKEY, Dr Jaytelz, Dr Jaytelz Jr, xxjohnson, j-johnson19 and Rick Mercer just to name a few. He was a talented multier but always was caught in the end by presidents such as Adam Sutler and Banach. (see Dr. Jaytlez Multi Scandal. He returned to Canada and erepublik on June 19th 2012 after a two year absence under the name Sir John A Macdonald II.

Political Background

After he gave up Multing he became a part of Canadian Society. He has served 4 terms in government. His Positions include. Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for 1 term, Minister of Social Services for 2 terms, and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for one term. He has also been leader of the (CSPC - Caesar Salad Party of Canada). He is 5 time congressmen and a 3 time party leader.

Became infamous for moving to the UK when Canada was conquered and calling for a Canadian/American surrender. When Canada began repelling the invasion, CA got let back into the country by a newb congressman who didn't know better.

He is Currently a member of The Christian Heritage Party


  • Former member of these parties- Norsfire, CSD, CPP, CSPC, DAL, RFP, Christian Heritage Party
  • Time playing erepublik- 17 months.
  • Loyalty- Depends who's winning currently.