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Clint Carmel

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Feb 01, 2013
Day 1900 of the New World
Date of death Summer 2013 (est)
Residence Colorado
Sex male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Musings from Cheyenne Mountain
Congress member of USA
Feb 2013 – Mar 2013
Apr 2013 – May 2013
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel***.png Lt Colonel***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Clint Carmel was born in the state of Colorado of the Icon-USA.png United States.


On day 2016 Clint Carmel accepted DIO into his life as his personal diety of choice[1].

 Once I was lost and confused, an infidel and a heretic.
I cared only for vices like pride and lust.
but now thanks to the words of Wise Owl
I am ready to embrace a life of sand and dust.
(A psalm by Clint Carmel)

Employment history

When he first reached the age of maturity, on day 1900 he got a job working for $15.00 USD for Bobby Canell, a Hawaiian plantation owner and Party president of the Metal Party. He held this job for 50 days. On day 1950 he took a job working for Gnilraps at the slave wage of $1.00 an hour. On day 1974 he resumed working a real job, this time for Tiacha's Tchotchke's.

Military career

At the start of his military career, Clint Carmel served for two weeks in the USAF Flight Training Division, and served with distinction in numerous battles. On day 1907 he became a Major. As of day 1950, he is a three-star Major***. As of day 1955, he is a Commander. On day 1978 he became a Lt. Colonel. On day 2015 he became a one-star Lt. Colonel, and gained his first Battle hero award. On day 2027 he became a three-star Lt. Colonel***.

On day 1920 then-Major Carmel had a public debate (aired on FedBlogRadio 02/21/2013) with General Sentieiro about the Air Force; Carmel explained his decision to leave the Air Force and join Easy Company, the #1 ranked Military Unit in the USA. Sentieiro expressed regret at losing such a fine officer. They have since become friends, and Sentiero has prodded Carmel to follow his dreams.

On day 2014 Lt. Colonel Carmel joined 2nd Regiment of EZC Easy Company serving under QM Harry W. Hill.

Political career

He has always been active in politics. Carmel joined a political party the first day he could do so.

On day 1907, he began serving as the duly appointed Icon-USA.png USA Ambassador to the Icon-Philippines.png Philippines, a position he held throughout President John Killah's term. Starting with President Vanek's second term, Carmel has been serving in the Media Office under Paul Proteus. He has written numerous articles for WHPR.

On day 1915, he announced his candidacy for Congress. On day 1925, he successfully became an US Congressman from Colorado in the 63rd Congress session. He kept his constituents informed of his voting record and wrote often of the daily goings-on in Congress. Senator Carmel took a month off from Congress as he changed political parties, then decided to run again in the 65th Congress.

The Federalist Party

Politically, from day 1936 until day 2016 he was in the Federalist Party. When Fingerguns took over as Party president in March, 2013, she appointed Clint Carmel to work in the Education Department, believing that a new member of the Federalist Party would see things with a fresh pair of eyes. On day 1942 Clint Carmel became a member of the Federalist Party's Media Department, working under Duncan Crowe.

Once EnterAwesome became Party President, she asked Clint Carmel to stay on, and promoted him to a position of leadership in the party. Mr. Carmel takes his new duties very seriously, and has started several initiatives to increase awareness of the Federalist Party among the populace as a whole. On day 1977, Clint Carmel won two Fed awards, the Golden Newbie award and the Journalist of the Moment award. He served a full term in the 65th Congress, which ended on 5/25/2013, day 2013.

On day 2016 Clint Carmel accepted DIO into his life as his personal diety of choice and was met by derision from the Fed elite for this and other decisions. Clint prayed to DIO and was told to follow the words of a prophet of DIO, Wild Owl of the USWP. Wanting to be closer to those of faith and respect, Clint left the Feds, unable to follow those who would lie and slander him for his decisions and beliefs.


On day 2016, Clint Carmel joined the USWP. It was here that he realized he was most needed, and he set to work with gusto, volunteering his time and resources as needed to various USWP projects. He took it upon himself to update the USWP's wiki page and added pages for Party President Othere, Party Whip badbrad767 and others. He also began writing articles using the USWP logo, invigorated the USWP forums with both games and serious topics of discussion, and is currently working with USWP Media spokesman Ludonarr on re-establishing the USWP Writer's Guild.

Mr. Carmel signed off, at that time, all his media articles with "Proud to be UWSP!"

Media Career

Media Mogul Clint Carmel was a frequent guest of both eNPR radio and Fed blog radio. Additionally, Commander Carmel publishes Musings from Cheyenne Mountain. On May 7th, 2013 (Day 1995) circulation first reached over 1,000 subscribers.

He also wrote for many other papers, both political papers and national papers such as WHPR. For the last two months of his life, he has served as Deputy Media Director for the White House, first under Artela's administration and then under Tenshibo's administration working for Media Director Civil Anarchy.