Contract:EAustralia and eChile Non-Aggression Agreement

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Contract:eAustralia and eChile Non-Aggression Agreement
This is a Contract. Please do not change the details included within this section. The original document can be found here.

The eAustralia and eChile Non-Aggression Agreement (ACNAA) was an agreement signed between Australia and Chile for the return of some of its regions after the OZ-Chile War in Decmeber 2012.


eAustralia and eChile Non-Aggression Agreement (ACNAA)


The following agreement shall be in force between the Australian and Chilean Governments as of its signing and shall be ratified before the 10th of each month with each new successive elected Government.


Amendments to the agreement may only be made once each month prior to renewal and ratification by each Government after in-game Country President Elections.


Chile and Australia agree jointly that:

1. Australia will not sign an MPP with with Argentina;
2. Chile will release Western Australia on the 3rd January;
3. On 10th January Australia and Chile will sign an MPP which is to be maintained by successive Governments to ensure mutual assistance to each nation for defence;
4. On 20th January Chile return New South Wales to Australia.

Australia agrees to:

1. allow Chile to hold on to the Australian States of Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania until this agreement is modified by successive Australian and Chilean Administrations during the amendment period each month, or until Chile gains another region with the same resource as one of those states, at which time the Australian region will be returned to Australia;
2. Australia will move towards a Pro-CoT MPP stack or full CoT membership with increased CoT allies and MPPs;
3. Not to NE Chile.
4. deposit 200 000 AUD in Brazil as NO NE guarantee, which will be returned to Australia on 15th January, if no breach in part III. point 2.3 of this agreement will be met.

Chile agrees that:

1. Australia will Ally and MPP with Brazil and USA as soon as the agreement is signed off and will probably keep those MPPs;
2. Any move by Chile to NE Australia or hand our regions to any other nation by stealth, including working or making agreements with other nations will result in this agreement being nullified.


Both nations agree that CoT, USA and Brazil will monitor and counter sign this agreement ensuring that both Chile and Australia continue to abide by the terms of this agreement. Both countries understand that it is impossible to ensure that all Citizens of their nation meet the terms and conditions of this agreement, but will ensure that their own Defence Forces Personnel are ordered to fight correctly under the terms of this agreement.


BY Australia:

1. automatically grants Chile the right to enact war on Australia;
2. CoT, the USA and Brazil agree that they will assist Chile, should they so need it, to enact war against Australia if the conditions contained within this document are not met;

BY Chile:

1. automatically grants Australia and its Allies to enact war against Chile;
2. CoT, the USA and Brazil agrees that its own nations will enact war against Chile if conditions contained within this document are not met or broken by Chile;


In the event that an RW is started in any Australian Region, the Australian Government will within a 24 hour period or as close as possible, order all Australian Forces to fight for Chile to ensure it remains in Chilean possession until officially released.


1. Failure of both nations to renew this agreement each month as per I. and II:
a. should this agreement fail to be renewed each month as per the above Sections, then all parties are free to act at will.


This agreement was signed by both CPs of Chile and Australia in the December 2012 Term by:

wisepiii84 Country President of Chile Flag-Chile.jpg
Greg MaCGregor Prime Minister of Australia Flag-Australia.jpg

This agreement was Ratified officially by the CPs of Chile and Australia in the January 2013 Term by:

SansCoeur Country President of Chile Flag-Chile.jpg
Xavier Griffith Prime Minister of Australia Flag-Australia.jpg

This Contract was signed on January 2, 2013.