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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
National rank 42
Date of birth Feb 14, 2010
Residence Shannon
Newspaper BradNews
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal***.png Supreme Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

DerBrad is a citizen of Ireland who makes his home in Shannon, Ireland. He is known for his work as Irish Minister of Community, as well as for being a soldier, and as a business person. He was born into the world on the 14th of February 2010.


DerBrad is a member of the Irish Independent Party. In May of 2011 he was elected to Dail in Shannon, Ireland while running with the IIP. Also in May of 2011, DerBrad was given the roll of Minister of Community under the Country Presidency of Marcus Suridius. This ministerial roll began after the impeachment of Jacques Cousteau, on May 15, who had originally won the elections. After his success in this ministry DerBrad was given the position again in June under the Country Presidency of Irasian.

Ministry of Community

DerBrad has been the Minister of Community from May 15, 2011 - present. As a minister in May, DerBrad brought back the community lotto [1], created a quiz about Greece in honour of the many immigrants who had come to help with the UK war [2], and also increased the amount of community "give-aways" [3]. During the month of May he managed to help the Ministry of Community reach record levels of donations. [4]

In June, DerBrad appointed Thanasis Kiaras as his Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Community. Thanasis was a recent Greek immigrant and would help represent the large addition of Greek citizens in the community. DerBrad continued to run the lottery through the month [5], and also revived the "It's Good To Have Friends" MPP fund-raising campaign that was first done by Seanan. [6]


DerBrad is the owner of several businesses in Ireland. [7] His early days as an Entrepreneur were in Poland (Housing) and Serbia (Weapons), before returning to his native soil.


DerBrad is an active member of the Irish Army [8] and can be found on their IRC Channel (#IrishArmy) most days.


DerBrad is the press director at Brad News, [9] where he focuses on mainly economic matters.