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Nationality Flag-Greece.jpg Greek
Date of birth May 27, 2011
Residence Thessaly, Greece
Sex Male
Newspaper Rabotnicheska Borba
8th General Secretary of Communist Party of e-Greece
15 September 2011 – 15 October 2011
Preceded by mentasfra
Succeeded by Spiros Sidiropoulos
Commissar of international relationships, military and foreign affairs of Communist Party of e-Greece
27 October 2011 – 10 December 2011
Preceded by mentasfra
Commissar of intelligence, investigation and counter-espionage of Communist Party of e-Greece
27 October 2011 – 10 December 2011
Preceded by dark_paladin
2nd President of United Socialistic Front
15 January 2012 – 15 February 2012
Preceded by Thanasis_Klaras
Succeeded by Orfeas Tsakalos
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

GermanosKaravagelis was a player in Icon-Greece.png Greece. He started eRepublik on May 27, 2011. From the moment he started eRepublik he was one of the most controversial players in the game. He was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece, he fought three times in the FYROM occupation in Greece.

In Real Life, he was born in 1993, he is Biology student at the University of Philippopolis (Plovdiv) in Bulgaria, he speaks Greek, English, Bulgarian and Serbian.


He was a member of the military unit THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI.


He owned a newspaper, Hard Labour, and posted articles about either RL or In-game Social Problems.

The newspaper was later renamed to Koinonistiko Vlemma, and then to Rabotnicheska Borba.


Migration and return

His activity in politics begun with him as a member of Socialistic Democratic Union, a centre-left and libertarian party in Greece. Many times he tried to get the Party's Presidency and thus he took part in the presidential elections two times. Even though he lost both times at the elections, he kept being a member of SDU and SDU Platoon, until the first eFYROM occupation on Greece.

After a long period of emigration to Russia, China, Serbia, Bulgaria, he returned back to Greece and became a member of the Communist Party of e-Greece, a far-left and totalitarian party. Since the moment he started being a member he never stopped the activities to make eCPG a strong party. He quickly received the position of the Commissar of international relationships, military and foreign affairs in the party and at the September 2011 party presidential elections he took the party's presidency and received the title of the General Secretary of Communist Party of Greece. Many times his party collaborated with left-winged parties such as Socialistic Democratic Union, Federacion Anarquista Hellenica and Greek Independence Party. He was a candidate for the place of Secretary of Foreign Affairs at the September 2011 Country President elections with the SDU. At the October 14, 2011 party president elections, he gave the party presidency to Spiros Sidiropoulos. He was once again a candidate for the Congress elections on October 25, 2011, via the Greek Independence Party.

He was a co-founder and member of the United Socialistic Front, in which he won the January 2011 party president elections.

Breakup with the USF

On 28.7.2012, GermanosKaravagelis proposed that USF would take part in the 5th of July CP elections in 2012 with himself as CP candidate. The party, after a two-day poll plenary session and voting which ended at 30.7.2012, decided to reject that proposal and continue with cooperation with Makedonissa. At that very moment, GermanosKaravagelis stated that there was no longer democratic procedures in the party since there was "only 11 members of the party present at the session". That very same night, After a nasty dispute with the rest of the party members -in which he was accused as being an opportunist, egoist and against the party's objective- GermanosKaravagelis announced his resignation from the United Socialistic Union and he fairly accused the USF as no longer being democratic in its procedures, its leadership being ignoring towards the rest of the party members and the forming clique-led leadership of the party, completely against the party's constitution.