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General Information
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Total Soldiers 113
Commanded by ZenekTartakowski
2nd Coehoorn
Commanders Gnacki

Husaria.jpg Organization

Husaria is a Icon-Poland.png Polish military unit. Its primary aim is to defend Poland and it's allies; secondary to train new players and help them grow in power. Also, having fun is among important aims.

Husaria.jpg Structures

The unit consists of several regiments. Regiments are mainly based on Husaria companies - Husaria initiated "work for a weapon, and fight" program, but does not demand taking part in this project. From the beginning Husaria Commanders (in chronological order) were:

Husaria.jpg History

Lama Birthday.
Husaria Chorwacja.
Husaria Perun rozejm.
  • Day 515 / 18 April 2009

Husaria was formed. Hellmartin appear first newspaper about military unit and invites people to join to the newly formed group HUSARIA \o/

  • Day 534 / 07 May 2009

Another recruitment

  • Day 542 / 15 May 2009

First forum about Husaria is started: Forum Husari

  • Dzay 546 / 19 May 2009

First rules for Husaria members:

  1. Husaria is military organization used to training young citizen and to protect Poland
  2. Hussars accept all applicants except spy.
  3. All member Husaria accept orders by commander
  4. All members abroad of Poland in an emergency situation have to help in the battle for Poland.
  5. All members abroad of Poland in an emergency situation have to help Poland friends
  • Day 548 / 21 May 2009

The disintegration of the Alliance ATLANTIS

  • Dat 555 / 28 May 2009

First film about Husaria fight in Croatia[1]

  • Day 557 / 30 May 2009

Husaria celebrates raise Bavaria

  • Day 558 / 31 May 2009

Husaria on top: World top damage by militia

  • Day 568 / 10 June 2009

Rebellion in Husaria.

  • Day 575 / 17 June 2009

Husaria builds hospitals

  • Day 623 / 04 August 2009

Reactivation of Husaria unit

  • Day634 / 15 August 2009

Another recruitment in Husaria[2].

  • Day 641/ 22 August 2009

Battle in Slovenia[3].

  • Day 647/ 28 September 2009

Battle in Northwest Croatia[4][5]

Husaria.jpg Husaria Member Avatars

The following are avatars of some of the soldiers who didn't serve as a Commander and were not wearing official uniform:

Husaria.jpg Disintegration

Unit split up on 10 June 2009; after several leading members disagreeing with the founder.

After the disagreement, most members left the unit and declared it dead.

Many of them joined a newly created unit - BDS: Batalion Desantowo Szturmowy.

Husaria.jpg New beginning

Husaria was rebuild on 5 August 2009 and is operating successfully since then. On 11 October 2009, the new leader of Husaria (or eHusaria), Cerberus69 was elected.

Husaria.jpg References

Husaria.jpg Husaria official avatars

Husaria.jpg Useful links

Husaria Forum
Official Newspaper
website about Husaria

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