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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 323
Date of birth 03.07.2009 - Day 591 of the New World
Residence California, USA
Political party Libertarian Party
Military unit USA|Training Division and Mobile Infantry
Rank Icon rank General.png General

JeepAmerica is still a relatively new citizen, born into the erep world barely a few days before war broke out. Starting off with his meager salary of one dollar, JeepAmerica steadily rose through the ranks. Within days he had attained a level 6, and Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD. Despite the new found money JeepAmerica was forced to spend it all on weapons to fight in the war, soon draining his supply. JeepAmnerica trudged on, and became a level 13 within a few more days. He resided in Florida, home state in RL and eLife. Today JeepAmerica is an CO of Alpha 6, a MI platoon, while living in Karnataka.


Frustrated with the game for the first few days, he thought of quitting. He fought through, earning a stable job/income and slowly gaining strength. JeepAmerica soon became a slightly controversial figure when publishing the, "GET YOUR ANTI-PEACE PICTURES HERE" thread on the eRepublik forum. Managing to offend citizens throughout the world, including the President of Pakistan, the thread died. JeepAmerica found that the forums on eRepublik were very hostile to the staunch patriot he is, but was relieved when he stumbled into the US forums while signing up for the military. Enjoying the newfound forum where he could relax with his fellow Americans, JeepAmerica has rapidly increased his post count. All the while he quickly is gaining EP and levels. JeepAmerica plans on being a big part of the New World, and plans to bring in a newer, and even younger, generation.

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Yup. JeepAmerica is a level 20 now, is part of BID, ambassador to Ukraine, Mobile Infantry officer, comic writer, and forum goer. Funny to think that just 7 months ago he joined the game.