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What is currency?

A currency is the money used in eRepublik (denoted by cc among players). There is only 1 currency which is used globally, but all countries have a different name for it. All players will see the currency which stands for their citizenship country.

Example: Player A has American citizenship. Player B donates 10 GBP to player A, which is automatically transferred to 10 USD.

Gold is the universal currency in eRepublik.

How to Gather Currency

There are multiple ways to gather the currency:

  • Have it donated to you by someone else who has the currency.
  • Work in any country and receive the salary which stands for your citizenship currency.
  • Exchange gold or currency for it. (Example: Sell 5 Gold for 50 USD (American dollars))

How and Where to Spend Currencies

With local currencies you can:

Local currencies of the New World

List of currency names of the New World:

Country Code English name Local name
Icon-Albania.png Albania ALL Albanian Lek Leku Shqiptar
Icon-Argentina.png Argentina ARS Argentine Peso Peso Argentino
Icon-Armenia.png Armenia AMD Armenian Dram Հայկական Դրամ
Icon-Australia.png Australia AUD Australian Dollar Australian Dollar
Icon-Austria.png Austria ATS Austrian Schilling Österreichischer Schilling
Icon-Belarus.png Belarus BYR Belarusian Ruble беларускі рубель
Icon-Belgium.png Belgium BEF Belgian Franc Franc Belge / Belgische frank
Icon-Bolivia.png Bolivia BOB Bolivian Boliviano Boliviano boliviano
Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina BAM Bosnian Mark Bosanska marka / Konvertibilna marka
Icon-Brazil.png Brazil BRL Brazilian Real Real Brasileiro
Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria BGN Bulgarian Lev Български Лев
Icon-Canada.png Canada CAD Canadian Dollar Dollar Canadien
Icon-Chile.png Chile CLP Chilean Peso Peso Chileno
Icon-China.png China CNY Chinese Yuan 人民币
Icon-Colombia.png Colombia COP Colombian peso Peso colombiano
Icon-Croatia.png Croatia HRK Croatian kuna Hrvatska kuna
Icon-Cuba.png Cuba CUP Cuban Peso Peso Cubano
Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus CYP Cypriot Pound Λίρα Κύπρου /Kıbrıs lirası
Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic CZK Czech Koruna Koruna česká
Icon-Denmark.png Denmark DKK Danske Kroner Dansk Krone
Icon-Egypt.png Egypt EGP Egyptian Pound الجنيه المصرى
Icon-Estonia.png Estonia EEK Estonian Kroon Eesti Kroon
Icon-Finland.png Finland FIM Finnish Markka Suomen Markka
Icon-France.png France FRF French Franc Franc Français
Icon-Georgia.png Georgia (country) GEL Georgian Lari ქართული ლარი
Icon-Germany.png Germany DEM German Mark Deutsche Mark
Icon-Greece.png Greece GRD Greek Drachma Ελληνική Δραχμή
Icon-Hungary.png Hungary HUF Hungarian Forint Magyar forint
Icon-India.png India INR Indian Rupee रुपया
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia IDR Indonesian Rupiah Rupiah Indonesia
Icon-Iran.png Iran IRR Iranian Rial ریال ایران
Icon-Ireland.png Ireland IEP Irish Pound Punt Éireannach
Icon-Israel.png Israel NIS New Israeli Shekel שקל חדש
Icon-Italy.png Italy ITL Italian Lira Lira Italiana
Icon-Japan.png Japan JPY Japanese Yen 日本円
Icon-Latvia.png Latvia LVL Latvian Lats Latvijas Lats
Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania LTL Lithuanian Litas Lietuvos Litas
Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia MYR Malaysian ringgit Ringgit Malaysia
Icon-Mexico.png Mexico MXN Mexican Peso Peso Mexicano
Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro MEP Montenegrin Perun Црногорски Перун
Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands NLG Dutch Guilder Nederlandse Gulden
Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand NZD New Zealand Dollar New Zealand Dollar /Tāra o Aotearoa
Icon-Nigeria.png Nigeria NGN Nigerian Naira Nigerian Naira
Icon-North Korea.png North Korea KPW North Korean Won 조선민주주의인민공화국 원
Icon-Norway.png Norway NOK Norwegian Krone Norsk Krone
Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan PKR Pakistani Rupee روپیہ
Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay PYG Paraguayan guaraní Guaraní paraguayo
Icon-Peru.png Peru PEN Peruvian nuevo sol Nuevo sol peruano
Icon-Philippines.png Philippines PHP Philippine Peso Piso ng Pilipinas
Icon-Poland.png Poland PLN Polish Zloty Polski Złoty
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal PTE Portuguese Escudo Escudo Português
Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan) TWD Taiwan Dollar 台幣
Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) MKD Macedonian Denar Македонски денар
Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova MDL Moldavian Leu Leu Moldovenesc
Icon-Romania.png Romania RON Romanian New Leu Leu Românesc
Icon-Russia.png Russia RUB Russian Ruble российский рубль
Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia SAR Saudi Riyal ريال سعودی
Icon-Serbia.png Serbia RSD Serbian Dinar српски динар / srpski dinar
Icon-Singapore.png Singapore SGD Singapore Dollar Ringgit Singapura /சிங்கப்பூர் வெள்ளி /新加坡元
Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia SKK Slovak Koruna Slovenská Koruna
Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia SIT Slovenian Tolar Slovenski Tolar
Icon-South Africa.png South Africa ZAR South African Rand Zuid-Afrikaanse Rand
Icon-South Korea.png South Korea KRW South Korean Won 대한민국 원
Icon-Spain.png Spain ESP Spanish Peseta Peseta Española
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden SEK Swedish Krona Svensk Krona
Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland CHF Swiss Franc Franc Suisse
Icon-Thailand.png Thailand THB Thai Baht บาทไทย
Icon-Turkey.png Turkey TRY Turkish Lira Türk Lirası
Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia українська гривня
Icon-UK.png UK GBP Great British Pound Pound Sterling
Icon-United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates AED United Arab Emirates Dirham درهم
Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay UYU Uruguayan Peso Peso uruguayo
Icon-USA.png USA USD United States Dollar United States Dollar
Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela VEB Venezuelan Bolivar Bolívar Fuerte Venezolano