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latifa azalanda


Nationality Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesian
Date of birth November 11, 2009
Date of death 2011
Sex Female
Married to Franz Kaisepo
Party president of Partai Republik eIndonesia
February 16, 2010 – April 15, 2010
Preceded by udingapetot
Succeeded by bangwend
Deputy Minister of Social Affairs of Indonesia
March 6, 2010 – April 5, 2010
Served under bangwend
Minister of Communication and Information of Indonesia
April 6, 2010 – May 5, 2010
Served under Arya Gunawan
Preceded by 8uj3l
Succeeded by Vosakz
Vice President of Indonesia
June 6, 2010 – July 14, 2010
Served under Sychev Draienfeld
Preceded by Born to kill
Succeeded by Bulukan
Congresswoman of Indonesia
January 26, 2010 – March 25, 2010
April 26, 2010 – (Incumbent)
Military unit Indonesia
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Latifa died of cancer in real life in May of 2011.

latifa azalanda (also known as her IRC nickname latifa) is a citizen from Indonesia. She was born in Java on November 11, 2009, and well-known as a long-term congresswoman and the founder of the newspaper ActaDiurna. She reached her military rank of Field Marshal on Day 957 of the New World, in the last days of v1 at the war between Slovenia and Croatia in Central Croatia.

She served eIndonesia as a vice president of Indonesia under Sychev Draienfeld presidency, but later was replaced by bulukan days after she was sworn into office, due to her position as a congress member and vice president, which is unacceptable amongst eIndonesian as it was regarded as dualism in her position as a legislative.

  • The owner of azalanda-paradiso party, the party was given by djamboe (also known as watung).
  • Married to Franz Kaisepo on day 800 of the New World.

but since September, 15 be a Widdow due to the death of her husband.


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 8x Hard Worker
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 7x Congress member.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 3x Super Soldier.
Icon achievement society builder on.gif 2x Society Builder.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 1x Battle Hero.

Political Route

In October 2010 elected again as the party president, for she was afraid of many PTO team tried to take over the party and eIndonesia.

  • Congress Member 7th times from Partai Republik eIndonesia.
  • Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affair (MoFA) for the second time in a row.

Economy Route

Military Carrer