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Partai Republik eIndonesia

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General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Abbreviation PReI
Forum [1]
Founded August 2008
President HcKidz
Members 204
Congress Occupancy 17.5%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Liberal


The history of PReI start from the new generation of eCitizen, who were satisfied with the existing parties until they realized that they their politics and military view for the eRepublic of eIndonesia were not represented on their parties. Based from that idea and their same point of view, this group planned to create a party with their own idea, their own political point of view, for a better eIndonesia. Instead of founding a new party, this group decided to change an existing party into their new party. This group choose PSK (Partai Suka-Suka) as the party where they start. On 10 august 2008 Bima, one of new eCitizen group, were elected as the party president and start to reorganized the party, include renaming it after they agreed the new logo. The first political maneuver of PReI were proposing mayor on 3 region (Darwin, Mataram, and Jakarta) and won 2 of them, chandra_ds as Darwin's Mayor and adihart as Mataram's Mayor. Starts from here, the PReI member's significantly increase. Not even 1 month since the rise of the party, the member of PReI had reach 102 person. The next political maneuver of PReI were to support the eIndonesia President candidate, andi wicaksono from NCS for September's Period and focusing for congressional election. Congress election on 1th September succeeded with 4 position: Bima, aban, handray, brondongsayur, Cats_City, and axllyne as the elected congressman. At the same time, PReI also delegate 3 person as cabinet member, Bima, aban and handray. Up until now, PReI has become the fifth largest party in eIndonesia and keep producing hard working member that dedicated their eLife for eIndonesia.


Partai Republik eIndonesia (PReI) established with the mission of bring eIndonesia to became the superior contry in erepublik based on:

  1. Professional military power.
  2. Developed economy.
  3. International Politic Ability.
  4. Transparent government activity.

With the purpose for the spread the wing of Garuda (Symbol of the eIndonesia), reach the 5 continent.

Political Ideology

Practicing the international politic of free-active. Extending eIndonesia Territory and strengthening influence eIndonesia in eRepublik. Refuse releasing region that had been overtaken with war. Cooperate and unite with the other party for the develop the one Republic of eIndonesia.

Military Activities

Active giving help for the ally government of eIndonesia. Fully support every step for developing Aberi and military base of eIndoensia.

Economical View

Economy concept created with the harmony of planned economic system and market economic system.

Party President

Year 2008

Year 2009

Year 2010

Year 2011

Year 2012