Libertarian Gathering Sweden

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Libertarian Gathering Sweden

General Information
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
President Arkham
Members 115 in time of the merge
Congress Occupancy 6.25% in time of nthe merge
Succeeded By Democrats of New Sweden
Orientation Far-Right

Libertarian Gathering Sweden (The Libertarians, abbreviated LGS) was a political party in Sweden. The party advocated ordoliberalism and was a part of the Swedish congress. During its last general election, the party achieved 4 congress seats out of 37. August 31, the party merged with Democrats of New Sweden.


The party was found with the name "Högerpartiet" (English: Right party), by Lion. But Lion left the party and the whole eWorld after two mandates as partypresident, and handed over the leaderposition to Kapus. Kapus renamed the party and started it all over with a new political policy. The party was named Piratpartiet (English: Piracyparty) and he adopted a neoliberal policy. Though, the party didn't came up with anything in the congress and the members became restless. In February 22nd, the ordoliberal political party Akt!va, led by Arkham and Kape meged with Piratpartiet. The new Piratpartiet quickly grew big and everything looked fine, but most of the members were still uncomfortable with Kapus. Because of this, Arkham and Kape created the Libertarianska Samlingsfalangen (English: Libertarian Gathering Wing). They used the wing to gather people who were tired of Kapus around them, to win the coming party elections, and when the party elections were finished, Arkham had won with a huge margin.

When Arkham and Kape took control over the party, they announced a new era for the Swedish liberalism. The first thing they did was to change the name to Libertarian Gathering Sweden (or Libertarian Gathering). A new partyprogram [1] and a new party mission was established and soon the party were back on track, now, after the merge with Akt!va, as the third largest in Sweden. Another thing that Arkham and Kape did was to finance the creation of a sister-party in Greece. The party was named International Libertarian Union and was led by Toby until the the Greek Revolution.

The party grew bigger and became more active as Trisen, a former Ny Framtid (English: New Future) member. Arkham gave Trisen the task to establish a recruiting program, which later evolved into the Committee campaign. In late August, Arkham launched the committees.

Ever since the Akt!va merge with Piratpartiet, Arkham had contacts with DNS representatives, talking about co-operating and maybe a new merge. When Karl Holm was elected for DNS party leader, the discussions about a merge were taken in action again. Karl Holm lost the August election and had to step back for DKN, but the discussions started again in August 29th, and only two days later, Arkham announced a merge between Libertarian Gathering Sweden and Democrats of the New Sweden. The goal for the merge was, according to Arkham, to make a new liberal stand, threat FBS and also open up the Swedish political map in form of a new party in the congress.

Board of Directions

The Board of Directions was represented by the party leader, the congressman and by two other party members. Party members outside the congress could become a members of the BoD after the sitting committee had voted on the issue.

Board of Directions

Party Committees Within the party there were three committees working with different questions. Unlike other committees in Sweden, whoever who wanted could be a member of these committees as long as the person was a member. List of CommitteesIntercom Members will guard the economic market and put forward strategies and standpoints concerning the nations economy. The members will also appoint new local election candidates. Defcom Watching over military events in other nations and also participate in conflicts around the world. Procom Manage the recruitment and propaganda of the party.
Members Type Since
Arkham Party president May
Trisen Congress member June
Jimbo_p Congress member May
Sqoj Congress member June
Udrian Member August
D Tinglov Member August
De Reimers Member August