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Mr aNiallator

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Nationality Flag-Philippines.jpg Filipino
Date of birth 30 June 2009
Day 588
Date of death Discovered on
05 March 2016
Residence Mindanao
Sex Male
Newspaper A Different Point
6x Congressman of Shannon
3x Congressman of Mindanao
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland
October 2009 – November 2009
Preceded by Darragh o Foalain
Succeeded by Bryan O Shea
Minister of Defence of Ireland
January 2010 – February 2010
Preceded by John Jay
Succeeded by Michael Collins
Vice president of Ireland
March 2010 – April 2010
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Philippines
October 2009 – November 2009
Preceded by Keegan Knoll
Succeeded by Jelly9473
Vice president of Ireland
July 2010 – August 2010
Preceded by moomoohead
Succeeded by moomoohead
Minister of Propaganda of Philippines
July 2011 – August 2011
Preceded by Keegan Knoll
Succeeded by Jelly9473
Military unit Philippine Military Academy
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Mr aNiallator is the new name of the citizen Niall H. He is a long-term Filipino citizen and former President of this country. He has participated in many Filipino activities and is one of the most esteemed citizens of this country.


  • 6 time Congressman of Ireland
  • 3 time Congressman of Philippines
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland from October 2009 till November 2009.
  • Minister of Defense of Ireland from January 2010 till February 2010.
  • Vice president of Ireland from March 2010 till April 2010.
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines from October 2009 till November 2009.
  • Vice president of Ireland from July 2010 till August 2010.
  • Minister of Propaganda of the Philippines from July 2011 till August 2011.


He was Commander of Philippine Military Academy.

The prehistory

Niall H is the New account of Niall-H. Niall-H was permanently banned for "Multi Accounting" when he was being account sitted by his friend while he was on holiday. He created a new account and started afresh and since has not received any Forfeit points.

The Memoirs of Niall H

July 2009 - My Reincarnation: Some of you may know but I had another account before, Niall-H. I wasn't around for very long but managed to gather Forfeit Points from arguing with Padraig Pearse and then from being account sitted while away. I didn't do much on my first account apart from be elected to congress 3 times (but not contributing) and 2 clicking. The rebirth of my account signaled my activity in Ireland.

This activity started with an article by Declandonaghty about Fianna Fail being inactive and needing new players. Spurred on by my mentor at that moment, gordongekko, I decided to jump on the opportunity and here I am today.

August 2009 - Saoirse Founding: Saoirse was created from the ruins of what was "Fianna Fail" in Ireland. Fianna Fail as a party was a very inactive one but somehow survived in the top 5 parties in Ireland. After seeing Declan's article I decided to actually do something and move to Fianna Fail. After a months of battling in July when Fianna Fail was taken over by the Irish Citizens Front they finally gave the party back and a rebranding took place. Firstly myself and bunnieman created An Pairti Saor for around 2 weeks then changed it to the Saoirse you know today. Saoirse has been a major political party in Ireland for sometime and after hitting a low point it is rebuilding again.

October 2009 - My First Ministerial Position as MoFA: I think i got the month right, this was a controversial month to say the least as I effectively declared war on Indonesia according to the Dail which meant I could face impeachment which never took place. As usual i spammed the media with articles about different countries from the various ambassadors to Ireland. I think made a impact as the MoFA beforehand was the very capable Darragh but he did things differently from me being quiet with things he did. I shouted them from the rooftops and most of the public seemed to like it. The building of relationships with Finland was a very good step as to this day I have lots of friends there.

I decided as patton stepped down to run for Country president. It was a good laugh and I dominated the media. With at one stage having 4 of my 5 articles in the top 5 in Ireland. I think I had by far the better campaign and proposals to change Ireland but I didn't win. I realised it doesn't matter how good you're policies are, it's how many parties you have behind you.. As the IFP and IUP ran their own candidates I was stuck with 2 smaller parties behind me and couldn't contest with the votes the IFP and IUP could put out...

November + December 2009 - India: I followed patton out to India as I wanted a break from Ireland after I failed my presidential campaign. It was a good time there and I met a lot of people there especially Maverick who inspired me for my newspaper and Jelly who is one of the people I get along with most. My time in India as a whole was pleasant apart from the constant PTO threat. I didn't make much of a impact here as I didn't put much time in here. I decided to watch from the sidelines instead as I was preoccupied in RL.

January 2010 - My Term as MoD: Edana hired me to be the Minister of Defence for the term mainly because of my writing skills. When being asked to take the role she did mention my main objective was to rally the troops and gain more members of the IDF. I'm not sure till this day if she realised I would do more than just nice articles as it did cause quite a stir when I did certain deployments.

The deployments to India were mainly because I was asked for help by a close friend of mine Jelly9473 the president of India. He wanted to get back at Pakistan for allowing Serbia a border. Because of this we sent troops and successfully invaded Pakistan. It was against are morals in Ireland but nobody cared (Apart from the theocrats and dioists) as it was the one of the IDF's first deployments. Due to the slight outrage to the Indian deployment, I also deployed to Italy to defend the country

As Edana asked I did a hell of a job recruiting and building moral with such articles as these:

I'll honestly say Sean Power did most of the work behind the doors which enabled a huge amount of new recruits and a new level of IDF activity.

Without Sean I wouldn't of got anything done, I was just the face of the IDF he was the cogs that turned it.

February 2010 - The Conquest of Northern Ireland / My spell in Norway: After one term as MoD I decided I had enough, Edana offered me a second but I turned it down so Michael Collins got it. I then moved to Norway as I felt I needed a break from Ireland. Although it seemed the Irish people must of really wanted me back because when Norway acquired Northern Ireland a bit of a dispute broke out. I was in Norway and friends with the president at the time and he told me if the Irish would actually ask nicely for Northern Ireland they would give it, but it that didn't happen. Donovan Thomas, Edana and Collins decided to spur up nationalism and say the Norwegians had been oppression the Northern Irish etc. A war was declared on Norway which myself and many others thought was illegal as it broke many rules we laid down by the constitution. I kicked up a fuss along with a few others and ended up butting heads with Donovan Thomas (butting heads was a thing we did a hell of a lot of the time) with trolling between us both. In protest i fought with an avatar seen below saying "Breaking Laws is NOT cool". It wasn't seen as being a traitor because at that time I was in Norway and in the Norwegian special forces, although the others who were strong against the law being broken were annoyed and fought against Ireland namely John Jay and it was a thing that was always brought up in argument against his role in the Irish government.

March 2010 - Dubhthaigh's Presidency / My Vice Presidency: I'm still butthurt about this.

Dubhthaigh became president in March after we combined forces for a second try at our presidency campaign. He won by just a few votes but is was a hell of a victory, seeing as he was one of the first people from a minority party to beat the IFP and IUP voting power in an election. The term didn't go up as planned as many of these IFP and IUP people stirred up bullshit and whatnot which involved in increasingly lower public opinion and 1 failed impeachment. As Vice president I tried to heal some of these rifts by running the "Inter Party Council" again and it looked like it worked as the representatives said they would give me some time to speak to him about it. Apparently this was fake as a few hours after a pretty much 2 clicking IFP congressman proposed a impeachment. I was pissed off along with a few others as if given a chance Dubh could of done a hell of a lot, but the silly trolls from the main parties just wore him down...

Dubh tried to make changes which lead to his downfall, many of the other presidents changed little about from their words on their manifesto not the country.

After the impeachment a Dubh and a few others moved over to the UK. I stayed in Ireland for a bit but decided all I would do is the troll the incompetent Government who took over so I followed to the Uk as I live in London IRL.

April 2010 - My move to the Philippines / My Term as MoFA of the Philippines: I decided after my little trip to the UK that I need to move on. The eIrish people did ruin my chance of sampling the UK because of interference so I always looked like a SPAI to the brits. I went looking for my new place to move. I moved to the Philippines because my RL friend started there (he's edead now :/) and keegan knoll warmly invited me. He was then elected president and made me MoFA for the month as the position was empty.

The Philippines was involved in letting the USA get to Lionking via China in region swaps which was one of the main causes of the invasion by the Indonesians. They RW a region the USA held leaving a open war with the Indonesians and the Philippines with no MPP's (because of the training wars with Malaysia). We were quickly disposed off although we put up a good fight. I was probably partly to blame for the killing of all our regions as i did a lot of trolling :p

May 2010 - Rebuilding the Philippines: After the invasion by Indonesia the Philippines needed rebuilding. We had no hospital for a while and many of our citizens were abroad. This rebuilding fell down to the core group of filipinos who did most of the stuff there and continue too. Paul delos Santos, Anarchist, Rupert Jaradel, Myung , Jelly9473, indielfi, Jootli I probably missed a few as there was definitely more but i'm kinda tired at the moment.

June + July 2010 - Exams and growing weary of eRepublik: I've done little in these too months to be honest mainly because I lost the spark I used to have for eRepublik which is a bit of a shame and I also had my exams happening. Now their over i should be more active but hey it's summer so I wouldn't really count on that.

Future Plans: I really would like another shot at Country President again so I think/hope I'll be running in September Mabye. Feel free to support me if I decide to run ;) I think I've got what it takes now and the "experience" people said I lacked in my last run.

I'm alos doing a 100 mile walk in the town of Nijmegan in Holland soon(going there this Saturday), I'll post my link so you lot can follow me if you want. Most of you have my Facebook so I'll be on there. Wish me luck!

That is the saga of Niall the Irelander (and Britfag)

Thank you for reading,

Niall H