Eldarion Sionnodel

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Eldarion Sionnodel

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Nationality Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkish
National rank 113
Date of birth August 31 2008
Residence Visayas
Sex Male
Political party Radikal Sosyalist Parti
Newspaper Radikal Sol Parti
Mayor of Larissa
Sep 2008 – Oct 2008
Congress member of South Africa
26 Oct 2008 – 20 Nov 2008
Congress member of Turkey
26 Nov 2008 – 20 Dec 2008
Congress member of South Korea
26 Dec 2008 – 14 Jan 2008
Party president of Cagdas Turkiye Partisi
16 Jan 2009 – 15 Mar 2009
Congress member of Turkey
26 Jan 2009 – 25 Feb 2009
26 Feb 2009 – 25 Mar 2009
26 Apr 2009 – 25 May 2009
26 Sep 2009 – 5 Oct 2009
President of Turkey
6 Oct 2009 – 5 Nov 2009
Preceded by burakkocamis
Succeeded by Omantielvo
Congress member of Turkey
26 Mar 2010 – 25 Apr 2010
Party president of Radikal Sol Parti
16 Feb 2010 – 15 Apr 2010
Congress member of Ireland
26 Jul 2010 – 25 Aug 2010
26 Aug 2010 – 25 Sep 2010
Party president of The Labour Party
Congress member of Philippines
26 Nov 2011 – 25 Apr 2012
President of Philippines
6 Apr 2012 – 5 May 2012
Preceded by Mr aNiallator
Succeeded by Paul Delos Santos
Congress member of Philippines
26 May 2012 – current
Military unit Halk Ordusu
Squadron 1st Regiment
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank God of War***.png God of War***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Eldarion Sionnodel is a citizen of Turkey. During his life he traveled through many countries of the New World, was membere of Congres and elected President of Turkey and Philippines


Eldarion Sionnodel is a very prosperous businessman and a landlord.

Once diamonds were discovered in [[South Africa[[, Eldarion went to South Africa and opened a diamond mine.


He was an active member of Cagdas Turkiye Partisi. He was elected as Party president of Cagdas Turkiye Partisi in January 2009.

Eldarion has been elected as a Congressman of South Africa, Turkey, South Korea, Ireland and the Philippines.

He has also been Minister of Justice in a Turkish Cabinet and Minister of Defence in a Philippine Cabinet.

Eldarion has been elected as the President of Turkey and also of the Philippines.


Eldarion was the Commander of the International Brigades and Halk Ordusu.


News From Communes is the newspaper owned and published by Eldarion Sionnodel. There are over 800 readers subscribed to this newspaper.


Icon achievement freedomfighter on.gif 22 x Freedom Fighter.
Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 53x Hard Worker
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul.
Icon achievement resistance on.gif 1x Resistance Hero.
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 22x Congress member.
Icon achievement president on.gif 5x Country President.

Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 313x Super Soldier.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 396x Battle Hero.
Icon achievement campaignhero on.gif 21x Campaign Hero.
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif 35x True Patriot
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif 9x Mercenary Medal.