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Nemanja Ciric

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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
Date of birth December 20, 2008
Date of death May 2009
Congress member of Serbia
Military rank Icon rank Captain**.png Captain**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Born on day 396 of the New World, in Slovenia he led an undistinguished life until day 453, only a few days after the founding of what he considered his Country ever since - Serbia and played a prominent role in it's history until April 2009.

He advanced through the ranks of the only Serbian party in Serbia, the now dissolved Patriotska Stranka Srbije (PSS), becoming the Minister of Education around day 460. He became a member of Serbia's first congress on day 463, around which time he was also designated as Serbia's ambassador to eRussia and Croatia. Due to political grievances he resigned from all of his functions except the congress around day 470. After the government was re-formed following the unopposed victory of the Croatian TO candidate BorKan, under the premier Makica around day 475, he returned to his post of ambassador to Croatia, but hadn't actually performed that function since diplomatic relations were severed due to the political and inevitable military aggression of Croatia.

After Serbs lost the majority in Serbia's parliament (as evidenced by two harmful Croatian laws passing, and two failed attempts to repeal them) he resigned from his two remaining functions and set about preparing for the Croatia-Serbia War. After a few days of waring from eIndonesia in the Indo-Pakistani training wars, he offered to take charge of Serbia's First Elite Brigade, of which he was formerly only a regular member of. The brigade abbreviated PEBVeS in Serbian, was the first within Serbia's army to become activated.

He quit the PSS party (even before becoming the commander of PEBVeS, since touring soldiers can't formally be members of parties) and removed himself from it's by then non-existent work. Soon after Spasimo eSrbiju (SeS) - a party formed by TO-ing a foreign TO party in Serbia accepted Nemanja Ciric with wide open arms where he soon established himself as a member of it's founding party congress, and of the Political Division, specializing in military matters. Still a politician at heart, he started turning more and more towards military matters, doctrine, tactics and military diplomacy.

As Serbia got a new Congress, and reached the low point of political stability the government of Serbia in a meeting with the elected congress (the last official act of that government before it dissolved itself due to inactivity three weeks later) passed a resolution stripping him of his command. The formulation of the decision was that no person not a member of the PSS party can command a unit in Serbia's army, a preposterous formulation seeing as how soldiers are unable to participate formally in politics due to their traveling. This took place around day 496 - his 100 day birthday in the New World.

The old government of Serbia, by this time existing in name only, decided to dissolve itself and give a mandate to the countries president Lipec on day 513 - a full week after he won the presidential elections (when this should have occurred) he was asked to perform the function of Minister of Defense. By the time the old government completed the transfer of power 4 days later, he was positioned as Serbia's Minister of Foreign Affairs instead, a role he still plays in Serbia.

His newspaper eBalkanac - the eBalkanian - was in the top 10 subscribed prior to the occupation of Serbia. He used it as his political outlet, a medium for his discontent and social commentary. It's the first paper in Serbia to have published in English. In it and in the comments he frequently posts in newspaper articles, he has earned a reputation for being liberal-minded and critical of his own government, it is in effect the first opposition newspaper in Serbia. Recently though, he has found little reason to write in it. His article Admins have feelings too has been reprinted in the wiki.

He was shareholder of Sa srcem za tebe in partnership lead by Makica for the purpose of helping citizens of Serbia in many ways. Giving them opportunity to work in companies, helping them to raise their wellness if there is a need and also educate them to manage in this New World.


After receiving permanent ban, Nemanja died sometime in May 2009.



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