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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 19th of September 2008
Date of death Unknown 2009 (est)
Residence New South Wales, Australia
Military rank Icon rank Corporal*.png Corporal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Raxo was an Australian citizen. During the Indonesian occupation of Australia, Raxo was fighting for the freedom of his homeland. Sometime in 2009 Raxo was banned for creating or administrating multiple citizen accounts.

Personal Information

Raxo was an Australian born on September 19th, 2008, during the Indonesian occupation of his homeland. His interests include long walks on the beach, writing articles for Australian Independence and the occasional drink with friends.

Positions Held


The Beginning

Joining eRepublik on September 19th, 2008. Raxo became a citizen of Indonesia living in New South Wales a former region of Australia. Upon joining Raxo started up his Newspaper the Freedom Times known then as the Australian Times due to an unfortunate typo that he couldn't fix for a few days. The First Issue was published to find himself a job and announce his desire for an Independent Australia. From this article, he learned of zaney the leader of the resistance and joined the Old Australian Forums.


Soon after joining eRepublik Raxo wrote a few articles on the treatment of Australian Regions and Citizens. Venting frustrations at the language barrier and the difficult to overcome cultural differences forced upon Australians upon occupation.

Raxo during this time also made a run for Party President of the Australian United Party. He only gained one vote though and decided not to run again in the next elections post-V1 launch. Instead supporting ICE2008 in his second run after V1 Launch.

Tensions Mount

Talks between the Government of Indonesia and representatives of Australia's independence movement had hit a stalemate over Western Australia a resource-rich region. This resulted in zaney being called a coward. The revolution was now a certainty to happen in the future. Raxo wrote his view on the matter and began to prepare for the uprising with his fellow Australians.

The Indonesian Government added further fans to the flame by issuing the new citizen message only in Bahasa Indonesia. Raxo quickly wrote an article protesting over this and requested of the Indonesians to write an English version for new Australian citizens. It has received support from some Indonesian residents but has yet to be implemented.

On the 16th October 2008, Raxo formed the Chrono Commercial organisation. His reasons for creating this organization was to provide Loans and Mortgages for Australian Citizens and Organisations once Australia is a nation once again. Until them, Chrono Commercial was gathering capital for this venture.

Still frustrated at Indonesia's lack of communication with it's Minority subjects. Raxo wrote Life in Austronesia. That got, as usual, a mixed response from the Indonesian public. One Indonesian even published a counter article insulting Australians which resulted in the Australian Leader zaney publishing his personal response. War now seemed inevitable once again...

Australian Forums

To replace the old forums Raxo created the new forums. Feeling that the old proboards were not good enough Raxo decided to buy a domain a create these forums. Hopefully, a more attractive forum and URL will improve Australian communication.