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The Master1.jpg
Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
National rank 31
Date of birth 18th Sep 2009 - Day 668
Residence Northwest of Ireland
Sex Male
Newspaper The Reactionist Heresy
Minister of Defence of Ireland
March 2011 –
Served under Ariovistus
Preceded by 5n4keyes
Military unit Irish Army
Position Supply/Resource Officer
Military rank Icon rank National Force.png National Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Early Life

  • Reactionist was born in the end days of WWIII in the USA region of Virginia, which at the time was under Russian control. After managing to make it to the fortress state of Florida, he fought his noob little heart out to expel the PEACE GC forces. Basically a two-clicker, he bought a newspaper, "Reactionary Proactivism", and wrote several feeble attempts at pro-US propaganda. After being largely ignored in the media he stopped attempting to write serious articles.

USA Military Career

  • In January 2010, Reactionist joined the United States Training Corps. After graduating within a week and being put up for transfer, he was accepted into the Mobile Infantry and placed in Bravo One, the Lancers. After several weeks, Lt. Fuzzy Beard and Col. Christopher Eller, promoted Reactionist to sergeant and PXO of Bravo One. While holding this position he participated in USMI deployments to China and Australia, where he fought the Phoenix alliance in notable battles such as Hello Kitty and Lion King. Shortly following the Australian deployment, Reactionist left eRepublik due to real life issues and received an honorable discharge.
  • Upon his revival in December 2010, he applied and was accepted back into the USMI. Here, he was placed as a private in Charlie Three, the Ninja Task Force, and promoted to sergeant within a week. Much to the chagrin of his PCO, Lt. drsofo, Reactionist was once again promoted, this time to lieutenant and PCO of Charlie Seven, the Party Platoon, which he renamed the Saints.

The Move to Ireland

  • The month of February 2011 was a month of great disenchantment with the United States for Reactionist. Despite repeated, earnest offers of help in elections and general politics, he was largely ignored with the small exception of receiving the post of Ambassador to the Ukraine. He also was among the first Americans to openly warn of the negative consequences of allowing the Turkish faction known as INCI unrestricted access to United State citizenship. The final straw came with the polemical attacks on the Joint Chiefs of Staff and US Military by the American political elite and a few soldiers who were unable to comply with the standard operating procedures of the military. And, in an action that was a long time coming, Reactionist moved to the country of Ireland at the end of February 2011.

Irish Political and Military Career

  • Upon arrival in Ireland, Reactionist enlisted in the Irish Army. Here, he now serves as a Supply and Resource Officer. In addition, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Defence under Digits and later appointed to Joint Minister of Defence, the cabinet position he currently holds.