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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Military tab on the Country stats found from Info menu displays the military statistics for the country.

Natural enemy

Main article: Natural enemy

If the country has a natural enemy, it's visible here. There is also a paragraph explaining the effects of the natural enemy: "The citizens of this country will be provided with a +10% war influence bonus in the battles against the Natural Enemy."

Natural enemy.jpg

Active Wars

Active wars.jpg

This section shows the list of wars in which the country is involved.

  • Click "Details" next to a war to see details about the war, including finished and ongoing battles.
  • Click the "All Wars" button to see all currently ongoing wars in the New World.

Active resistance wars

If there is an active resistance war in the country, you will see

  • The name of the region
  • The name of the player who started the resistance war
  • Click Details to know about every resistance war in that country.
  • Click "All Resistance Wars" to see all currently ongoing resistance wars in eRepublik.


This section shows the country's alliances with the expiration dates.

Alliances expire one month after their formation.

Click the "All Alliances" button to view all international alliances.

National goals

If the country has active military National Goal next infobox will be displayed: This country is currently trying to accomplish a national military goal.

Military Force

Average strength on the military tab.jpg

The Military Force section shows the average strength of the soldiers in that country.

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