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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

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...that Presidential elections take place on the 5th of every month, Party President elections on the 15th of each month and Congress elections on the 25th of every month. Please choose the correct candidates on these days to shape a better future for your country.
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Having 0 FP is a Very Good Thing! You should avoid getting FP! If you do, your account can lose its ability to post!

Forfeit points (FP), as appears in your profile, measure the degree to which you have violated the 1st eRepublik law. Remember, you do not get temporary ban because of FP, you get FP because of temporary ban. Over time, good behavior will absolve the received Forfeit Points. (More...)

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Mr Woldy is the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he was elected in October 2009 and again in November and for a third time in December. He is a resident of London, although he has spent most of his time in the East Midlands, a region which he also represented in the United Kingdom's Congress. Having consistently received the most votes there between May and September 2009.

Mr Woldy has also served as the United Kingdom's Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Work, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Deputy Prime Minister. He is the editor of The People's Gazette, one of the most highly subscribed newspapers in the UK even before he began his tenure as Prime Minister. Mr Woldy has been voted in separate polls the eUK’s favourite and most influential citizen… (More...)

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Japaneses Ball Flag

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