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Nationality Flag-China.jpg Chinese
National rank 76
Date of birth 06 August 2009
Residence Icon-Peru.png Great Andes
Sex Male
Congressman of China
2 terms –
Rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal

SagaWF was a Chinese citizen living in Rhone Alps.

He has invited hundreds of players to eRepublik. He has got 10 Society Builder medals that means 100 of his invites have reached level 6.

SagaWF has paid hundreds of Euro.

SagaWF is also trying to get a Chinese version of eRepublik. It failed.

SagaWF was permanently banned on Day 883 suddenly (law 5). He never uses multis in Erep. Appeal in progress.

Unbanned. Double-clicker mode. SagaWF's org accounts (Chinamop, China lai-wai party) and properties were unfairly taken away by headless chicken. He would never ever buy any G from then.


He has skill 8.44 in manufacturing, with 8 Hard Worker medals.

  • sagaWF has currently earnt 8 Hard Worker achievements.


He is Field Marshal with strength 23.2 and four times Super Soldier. He trained himself with Napoleon everyday.

  • SagaWF is the captain of 1st squad of a mystery militia orgnization.
  • sagaWF has reached the military rank of Field Marshal.
  • sagaWF has achieved 4 Super Soldier achievements.


SagaWF has been in Congress for two terms and was member of Chun Ge Party.

  • sagaWF was a member of the Chun Ge Party.
  • sagaWF was a former member of the China Lao-Wai party.
  • sagaWF has been elected to represent congress for China on two occasions.