United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates
Flag of United Arab Emirates   Coat of Arms of United Arab Emirates

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Anthem Ishy Bilady<video type="youtube" id="VfNCLb_jNGc&autoplay=0&loop=1" width="100%" height="25px" frame="false" position="center" />
Motto God, Nation, President
Language English, Arabic
Population 150
Capital Dubai
Current President bernoldi_salieri
Political Party rock 'n' roll
Currency Flag-United Arab Emirates.jpgUnited Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)
GDP 63.86
Inflation 0.00%
Minimum salary Flag-United Arab Emirates.jpg 5 AED
Average salary Flag-United Arab Emirates.jpg 31.25 AED
Food bonus 0%
Weapon bonus 0%
Territories 7
Chat irc://irc.rizon.net/#eUAE

Map of United Arab Emirates

Last update September 1 2011

The United Arab Emirates (Arabic: دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة‎, Dawlat al-Imārāt al-‘Arabīyah al-Muttaḥidah, short name: The Emirates) is a country situated in the Middle East bordering Asia, Europe and Africa. The country is made up of 7 regions and borders Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia and Icon-Iran.png Iran.

Participating in the Middle East War.



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The United Arab Emirates borders Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia and Icon-Iran.png Iran.

Icon-United Arab Emirates.png Original Regions of United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates consists of 7 original regions.

Ajman is the Capital of United Arab Emirates

The original territory of United Arab Emirates is composed of several regions: Abu Dhabi (occupied by Icon-Cyprus.png), Dubai (occupied by Icon-Cyprus.png), Sharjah (occupied by Icon-Albania.png), Ajman (occupied by Icon-Albania.png), Ras al-Khaimah (occupied by Icon-Albania.png), Umm al Quwain (occupied by Icon-Turkey.png), Fujairah (occupied by Icon-Albania.png), 

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource


Official organizations and companies

Our national organization is National Bank of UAE


Product Work Tax Income Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food - 10% 40% 7%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 10% 40% 7%
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material -
Product Work Tax Income Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets - - 5% 7%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses - 10% 7%
Icon Hospital Q3.png Hospitals - 5% 5%
Icon Defense system Q3.png Defense system - 5% 5%
  • Updated: April 8th, 2011



Party Abb Party President Political Orientation Congress seats
Arabic Brotherhood of Crescent ABoC Cl4trap Far Left, Totalitarian 30
National Politic Force NPF Al' Capone Center-left, Authoritarian 5
Free UAE party FP Sekorashka Center, Libertatian 3
Arabic anime party AAP kviz Center, Authoritarian 2

Congress Elections

Past Results...

Party Number of Seats
Arabic Brotherhood of Crescent 8
National Politic Force 0
National Emirati Union 2
Rastakhiz UAE 1
United Party of eUAE 1


Month Year President Picture Party Notes
February 2011 Al'Capone N/A Arabic Brotherhood of Crescent PTO
March 2011 Al'Capone N/A Arabic Brotherhood of Crescent PTO
April 2011 Al'Capone N/A Arabic Brotherhood of Crescent PTO


National Defence Forces

UAE has one Official Defense Force

Icon-war.png Current Wars

Nation Flag Date Declared Date Ended Notes
Iran Flag-Iran.jpg

Icon-pact.gif MPP List

This country doesn't have any alliances at the moment.

Embargo List

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.