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Professional Life

A New v1 Experience

Originally he was the co-founder of Alaska Holdings, Inc., but when he went on vacation with his wife Crystal Coyle to give birth to their first son, they sadly didn't leave an acceptable manager in charge and he stole all the money from the company and is now living a great life in Iran. When they came back and found their company torn to shreds they closed its doors and opened their new company; America Corporation.

America Corporation

He is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. He founded the company along side his wife Crystal Coyle and created one of the most successful conglomerates in the world. He is also the lead Web Developer for the American Brands division, which is a non-standard employment company. He has recently planned to use all excess profits; that will not be used to expand the company, to the True Patriots at which he is a life-time member.

TVA Group

Around March Scott asked Justinious if he needed any help with his company but he declined and referred him to the Tennessee Valley Authority Group ran by such greats as John_Jay, Jewitt, Kyle321n, and Gaius_Julius. He was brought in as an outside consultant (American Brands) but it was shown to be more profitable to actually join the company as their Public Relations Officer. His job is to handle all web development and advertising.


National Guard

Back in August when Scott was born every citizen was allowed to fight from day 1 but the glorious admins decided that people must first understand that in order to be able to fight one must support themselves so they changed it in v1 where you must be level 4 to fight. The moment he joined he knew he wanted to help America so he joined as a Private in the National Guard and has served there twice, one as full time and the other as a member of congress. Upon reaching a high level he was requested to apply by Goaly to join the Army.

United States Army

He joined the army as a Private and ended up getting shoot and was removed from active duty as a result of a near death blow to the head while fighting in Romania. After returning from the vacation he was given he quickly was promoted due to his high activity and dedication. Goaly promoted him to 2nd Lieutenant and took over command of the 1st Division | 3rd Platoon the Steel Patriots. He served with distinction for many months and was the originator of the Army Identity program. After reaching a higher soldier level he moved on to Airborne.

United States Airborne

After joining the Airborne he was given the rank of Private, but once again he was injured during a mission and was not able to continue so he retired and left the military altogether. However, he has done what he can without being a member of the military. Recently he was approached by two famous members of the Airborne to help with a new communication tool for the Airborne, the AirBorneOnAir podcast. It is hosted by Jewitt and WahooBob, the latter of which served under Scott in the army.

An Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After returning from his wanderings of the country Scott made a comment about how he was treated by the eGod and how angered he was. As a show of faith his new former Commanding Officer WookyJack made him a commitment and helped him out of a tough situation and for that, he has chosen to be now and forever a Proud and Horny Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D! Scott has risen through the ranks due to his effort and time spent working with whatever task he was given. After a period of only three months his former Commanding Officer; WookyJack, chose to promote him to a Captain. He has recently retired and after a short boring time off he came back to help his close friend Orikfricai who was promoted to CO of S.H.I.E.L.D.

S.H.I.E.L.D Positions & Titles

Position Served Under Start End Length
Executive Officer Orikfricai 3 / 16 / 2015 4 / 3 / 2015 2 Weeks
Reason for Change Resigned from S.H.I.E.L.D and the Federalist Party due to a 3rd Controversy in Two Months
Graphics Team Advisor WookyJack / Molly_Emma / WookyJack 2 / 16 / 2015 4 / 3 / 2015 7 Weeks
Reason for Change Moved into Role after the departure of the top leadership in S.H.I.E.L.D Command.
FORMER Executive Officer of S.H.I.E.L.D. nick.bergman 12 / 16 / 2014 2 / 15 / 2015 2 Months
Reason for Change Officially Retired when the majority of the Command Staff left over the disputed February 2015 Federalist Party Primary.
FORMER Executive Officer of S.T.R.I.K.E WookyJack 12 / 1 / 2014 12 / 14 / 2014 2 Weeks
Reason for Change The British Arm of S.H.I.E.L.D, wrongly accused of being a PTO of the United Kingdom.
FORMER Lead of the Graphics Team WookyJack / Molly_Emma / WookyJack 7 / 16 / 2014 12 / 20 / 2014 5 Months
Reason for Change Officially moved into the S.T.R.I.K.E division of S.H.I.E.L.D, was no need for a Graphics Team at the time.
FORMER Captain of the 5th Regiment WookyJack / Molly_Emma / WookyJack 7 / 16 / 2014 11 / 20 / 2014 4 Months
Reason for Change Resigned Position to Focus on Federalist Media.

SHIELD Graphics Team

Around the beginning of June 2014 WookyJack approached Scott with a lead role in a new team he was creating for SHIELD and he put together a good list of Officers with some amazing talent. He created the now famous SHIELD Graphics Team which at the time was comprised of just Apollo221, Evil.Elvis, Scott Coyle and WookyJack. After only two weeks two new members where added and have contributed quite a bit to the advancement of the Team and those two members are the First Honorary non-SHIELD Member of SGFxT PiggyBoot and Leo.TheDamager.

Captain of the 5th Regiment

At the beginning of August 2014, Scott was promoted to the rank of Captain and put in charge of the 5th Regiment which holds 25 Division 2 Members, it was the former home and Regiment of the then PotUS Tyler_Bubblar. After WookyJack stepped down as Commanding Officer of SHIELD Scott took a Leave of Absence to get more experience in other Military Units


After spending two weeks under the VMA-214 The Black Sheep Military Unit's wings and learning all he could from the likes of Henry William French, Roper 70, and Arrden he was asked to return by an old friend renamed WookyJack. He was quickly promoted to Second Commanding Officer then when the Legend Jude Connors returned to the New World with Artela he was asked to be Co-XO ( Executive Officer / Second Commanding Officer ) to which he happily accepted. With S.T.R.I.K.E just gearing up as the UK's branch of S.H.I.E.L.D the work still lay's ahead. Sadly S.T.R.I.K.E lasted only two weeks as the Serbian Expatriot SerFarsalot managed to convince nearly the entire British Populace that S.T.R.I.K.E was an American PTO attempt of the British Isle with a membership of 4 people. Of course, after reviewing the evidence it can easily be ascertained that S.T.R.I.K.E was no threat to the British Government. S.T.R.I.K.E was disbanded and the members returned to America and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Honor's and Departure

In December 2014 Scott was Honored along with WookyJack with a single star for his efforts in helping re-create the S.H.I.E.L.D brand which included many Recruitment Articles, Images, the New Uniform and the latest Logo. He was also promoted to a two-star Executive Officer by Nick Bergman; the commanding officer of S.H.I.E.L.D at the time, his main goal was to help create a new route for potential members to travel once they looked at a S.H.I.E.L.D recruitment article and/or link. He purchased the domain and began creating a new recruitment site that was meant to be a quick point to get people interested and become knowledgeable with the PMU. After a couple of months the Party President Primary came in and Nick Bergman lost to Trekker Tlumac by one vote so then promptly Nick Bergman, WookyJack, Kevin Sheridan, Jude Connors, and Artela left the party and S.H.I.E.L.D leaving only Scott and his fellow Executive Officer Dave Gulya. Dave Gulya became the new Commanding Officer of S.H.I.E.L.D after Tyler's brief 10 +/- hour temporary tenure. Another close friend of Scott's Orikfricai; the H.A.M.M.E.R Director, was promoted to Executive Officer and Scott tendered his retirement and began to work exclusively as an advisor to the future S.H.I.E.L.D Graphics Team until he was able to return to the party and S.H.I.E.L.D full time.


Scott was forced into his departure due to outside forces and had to go into hiding for a time but recently thanks to the help of his close friends Dave Gulya, Orikfricai, and the surprising return of an old friend Jefferson Locke he was able to return and resume his role as Executive Officer but this time under his former protege. For the next few weeks, Scott worked with various other citizens on some new projects but in the end, it didn't come out as he had hoped it would and all his work was for not as the party made a decision he was not able to follow.


Originally he was ushered into a small Patriotic Party ran by Animal, but Animal quickly became a lack luster PP and soon he went inactive but soon Scott came into his own and took over for him and won the next party president elections. Under Scott, the party began to enter a new period of growth but after his first month, he soon learned that the party was being taken over from an outnumbering force and asked the RfC party president for help but it was found to be useless as Scott and Ron decided it would be pointless. So Scott came to the RfC and tried to make a difference in the RfC.

eRepublikans for Change (CvP)

After Scott left the American Independent Party he joined Ron Paul to bring a new life to the party. He quickly got to work on the internal aspects of the RfC and began working on a new logo and forum for the group. During his time in the RfC Ron and Scott worked closely with the United Independents Party president, Justinious McWalburgson III and they did great things together in the way of Cooperation of Political Parties. However, at the introduction of v1, he fell into a coma and was not able to leave the hospital until February 5th 2009.

Position Served Under Start End Length
FORMER Beta Congressman Ron_Paul September 1st 2008 October 5th 2008 1 Month
FORMER Head of Internal Recruitment Ron_Paul September 1st 2008 October 5th 2008 1 Month
FORMER Head of Web Development Ron_Paul September 1st 2008 October 5th 2008 1 Month

United Independents Party (UIP)

After coming out of the coma he quickly found himself in a new world and his wife and he decided to move to Florida and join his old buddy Justinious in the UIP and do some much needed campaigning. Sadly he wasn't able to do much for the UIP but he did end up making a lot of friends with many new and old members.

Federalist Party (FED)

Scott returned to the game after a 5-year absence in Mid May 2014 and was having issues recovering funds from his old Organization and after making an article about it he met a soon to be a good friend and a commanding officer named WookyJack who offered him a chance to gain what was deemed unrecoverable by Plato. He didn't require anything except he was asked to stay active in America and to return the favor. Scott asked WookyJack about the Federalist Party and SHIELD and after a lengthy discussion, Scott decided to join both.

Federalist Party Positions & Titles

Position Served Under Start End Length
FORMER Co-Chief of Staff WookyJack December 16th 2014 January 15th 2014 1 Month
FORMER Director of the Media Department Tyler Bubblar December 16th 2014 15th January 2015 1 Month
FORMER Director of the Media Department Trekker Tlumac October 16th 2014 December 15th 2014 2 Months
FORMER Vice Party President Trekker Tlumac October 16th 2014 November 15th 2014 1 Month
FORMER Chief of Staff WookyJack September 16th 2014 October 15th 2014 1 Month
FORMER Director of the Fun Department WookyJack August 16th 2014 October 15th 2014 1 Month
FORMER Graphics Department of the Media Department nick.bergman August 16th 2014 October 15th 2014 2 Months
FORMER Co-Deputy Director of the Fun Department Bama_Bettie July 16th 2014 July 31st 2014 15 Days
Federalist Party Awards
Award Fed of Gold.png Fed of Gold (x1)


Award Baby Fed of Gold.png Baby Fed of Gold (x0) Award Work-A-Holic Fed.png Work-A-Holic Fed (x4)

9/14 - 10/14 - 11/14 - 12-14

Award Charismatic Fed.png Charismatic Fed (x0) Award Talkative Fed.png Talkative Fed (x0) Award Nicest Fed.png Nicest Fed (x0)
Award Idea Fed.png Idea Fed (x3)

9/14 - 10/14 - 12/14

Award Luckiest Fed.png Luckiest Fed (x0) Award Oldest Fed.png Oldest Fed (x0)
Award Political Fed.png Political Fed (x0) Award Controversial Fed.png Controversial Fed (x1)


Award National Fed.png National Fed (x0)
Award Smartest Fed.png Smartest Fed (x0) Award Best Avatar.png Best Avatar (x1)


Award Best Signature.png Best Signature (x3)

7/14 - 9/14 - 12/14

Co-Deputy Director of the Fun Department

After some time spent helping out in the Federalist Party and SHIELD, he was asked by BamaBettie if he would like to work for her in the Fun Department as a CoDeputy Director with Jake_Coltrane. He agreed and worked for 2 weeks with them until Real Life had pulled him away, he respectfully resigned with a vow to return to the Fun Department and to continue where he left off.

First Congressional Medal

Even though he was a supporter of Apollo221 in the Federalist Party President Election of July / August 2014 the eventual winner Evil.Elvis asked if he wanted to become a congressman for July / August 2014, he gratefully accepted the challenge and was finally awarded a congressional medal since his only other time in congress was during the beta to v1 transfer.

First Whip Experience

On July 31st 2014 Scott was asked if he wanted to become the new Whip under Molly_Emma by Evil.Elvis and with goading from The_Original_Hawkie and several others he gratefully accepted the position and is currently on the path of collecting all the members of congress so as to be an effective Congressional Whip and help the 80th Session of Congress. Ended Shortly Thereafter without Knowledge of Scott Coyle

Director of the Fun Department

After spending a short stint as the Co-Deputy Director of the Fun Department under Bama_Bettie, Scott was offered the position of Director by the then-new Party President WookyJack; his former Commanding Officer of SHIELD. During this first month as the Fun Director Scott restarted the Lucky Lotto contest missing during Bama_Bettie's tenure and started a new ongoing project with WookyJack's help that is called the Graphics Extravaganza, to where after a certain number of CC or Gold is donated you receive special graphics from the SHIELD graphics team or Scott Coyle himself.

Chief of Staff

WookyJack came back for a second month and asked Scott to become his Chief of Staff which Scott happily took over and it was the first time he was listed on the Parties page with an in-game position. Through the month everyone worked very hard and in the end, quite a few things were done and many changes made under WookyJack stayed as we still to this day post a daily Public Briefing and the site is humming as always. However, after two terms WookyJack was ready to go back to SHIELD as the Commanding Officer.

Vice Party President & Media Director

After WookyJack made his intention clear in early October to not run for Party President once more it came down to a three way between nick.bergman, dk3dknight and Trekker Tlumac. The expected result was for Trekker to win; which he did, however, dk3dknight came out strong as he did an awesome video article. Needless to say Scott was asked to stay within the leadership and asked whether he wished to continue as Chief of Staff or become the new Vice Party President. After a long discussion with Trekker he chose to become the Vice Party President and kiss as many babies as possible but the reason for this wasn't due to burn out or anything he and dk3dknight swapped positions because dk3dknight was the best Fun Director anyone has ever known plus Scott wanted to try his hand at the Media Department Director position.

Professional Break

For two weeks Scott took a break after a conversation with Trekker Tlumac about his second term as Federalist Party President and it was mutually agreed that Scott should step down as VPP in favor of the returning Molly Emma who took a break after her stressful and successful two consecutive terms as PotUS during the Summer of 2014. Scott handed over the role of Media Director to new Federalist convert Dave Gulya who was also the Recruitment Director at the time. After a two week break, Scott returned once more to complete Trekker's second and final term as Federalist Party President.

Media Director

After returning from his two week break he resumed his duties from Dave Gulya and began his article posting machine once more. However, he wasn't able to complete the final two FPR's of Trekkers final term. However once the December Federalist Party Primary was over and it was clear that Tyler Bubblar was the winner he contacted Scott and asked him to continue as the Media Director, which Scott happily accepted. As of the new term Scott has posted 2 articles; one being the FPR Mini - Vote Tyler and the second being the November Fed Awards, which also was dk3dknight's last action as the Fun Director which he has handed over to SAR97. Throughout the remainder of the term, Scott managed to put out a staggering 50+ articles for the party and after 5 months as the Media Director he handed over the reigns to Jude Connors so as to begin his new role as the Co-Chief of Staff in charge of Operations under Tyler Bubblar.

Co-Chief of Staff

After Tyler's first term; technically his 3rd overall, Scott was asked to once again step into the role as Chief of Staff albeit this time along side long time friend Dave Gulya who would work strictly on development. The main reason for Scott's departure from the Media Department after such a long tenure was his unhappiness with the lack of support from many members within the parties leadership. After a week in the role, Scott had another clash with many members of the party leadership over their lack of activity regarding Jude Connor's work as the media director and shortly thereafter his activity within the party began to slide as his frustrations had reached a boiling point and his RL work kept him busy. Then on February 10th, he was forced off the meta track as his sole means of online activity broke while visiting a customer in Madison, NE. The last few days of his tenure found him with highly limited access and was only seen once during this time.

Official Break

For the first time in several months, Scott was finally able to recuperate and even managed to find more time to join Fed Radio on a weekly basis. Thus far he has managed to appear 6 out of the 7 times it has run. Sadly he doesn't know when he will be ready for a resumed activity but he has now entered a mystery period due to the recent departure of his fellow ckc brothers and close friends; WookyJack - Nick Bergman - Kevin Sheridan - Jude Connors - Artela. Due to RL pressures, Scott was unable to remain active during the transition period and wasn't able to help the party rebuild at this point.

The Return

Although many of his friends have left for another arena, Scott has remained alongside Dave Gulya & Orikfricai to help rebuild after a difficult period. He was Media Director and Executive Officer for March/April 2015. He has been focusing on the WiKi, the Site, the Twitter, and categorizing all the old awards.

The Nail in the Coffin

After a long fall and winter, Scott found himself at wits end trying to do all he could to help the party regain what he saw when he joined in May 2014. Scott spent considerable hours on many innovations for the Federalist Party but in the end, his ideas were reticulated and he was told he route was not an option. After nearly leaving twice do to internal controversy's surrounding the February Party President Primary between Trekker Tlumac and Nick Bergman; infamously known as the great Fed Split, and a new forum proposal by Scott and his partner HowardCasey was shot down harshly. The final nail was while he was out of contact for only 36-48 hours a decision was made to destroy what Scott had spent months creating and no one even had the respect for him to notify him that what he had spent countless hours on no longer was worth the parties time, along with that his partner in the new forum had decidedly turned his back on his friend and started the conversation to make Scott's work undesirable. At that moment on day 2691, Scott retired from S.H.I.E.L.D and resigned from the Party. Although a number of individuals fought for him and even spent a couple of hours trying to change his mind Scott was no longer interested in anything to do with the party.

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