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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 12
Date of birth August 2008
Residence faith=
Political party Socialist Freedom Party
Party president of Socialist Freedom Party
March, 2009 – March, 2009
Preceded by Robert Bayer
Succeeded by Spade
Ambassador to the Philippines of Japan
06 October 2009 – Present
Preceded by Laurana Psion
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Smily132 has been a citizen of the eUSA since late August 2008. He is currently the party president of the Socialist Freedom Party


Smily132 started eRepublik out as a relatively insignificant citizen in Minnesota. He was originally a member of the USWP as it promised to help new citizens. He then named his newspaper The Star Tribune, after one of the main newspapers in Minnesota.

Federalist Party

He continued to observe all of the events going around him. Then in about October, as an early business owner he decided to join the Federalist Party because of its policies that generally supported small businesses. With the seemingly useless party president Logomaster304 Smily tried to run for party president of the Federalist Party in December of 2008, only to be defeated by one vote.[1] His strategy to win this election was give his new ideas to all of the non-important party members. This strategy most likely contributed to his loss.

Progressive America Federation

While Smily was trudging in his defeat, instead of trying to win the next election he decided to pool money with his friends and create a party for themselves. This party became very insignifacant due to its failed attempts at recruiting new members and general lack of motivation elsewhere. The party was then "revived" by Robert Bayer who pumped new life and energy into the party. Smily held this office until , when he moved away for a few days. The dissapearance of Smily caused complete pandamonium, and a near takeover until Robert Bayer retook the party, and handed it back over to Smily.

Socialist Freedom Party

Smily and a few of his friends from other games had long thought about bringing communism to the eUSA. He took this chance to implement the most successful openly communist party in the USA to date. For a short while it was named the Communist Party USA, but it was decided that the Socialist Freedom Party was a more appropriate name.

South Korea

In early May of 2009 moved to eSouth Korea with his friend Spade. Within days of arriving in the country he became Minister of Foreign Affairs due to the extreme lack of experienced citizens in the country. He remained Minister of Foreign Affairs until eSouth Korea merged with eJapan in late May 2009.

Assassination Attempt

On July 1st, 2009 smily attended the eUS presidential debates between Harrison Richardson and Emerick. When the town hall portion of the debate began, smily was the first person to answer a question. He asked Harrison Richardson if he was in favor of eSouth Korean independence and immediately after Harrison answered, smily pulled a pistol out of his coat and fired at the presidential nominee. Smily screamed "Free South Korea!","Jihad Jihad", "Emerick is Great" before he was finally removed by the debate moderator.


After about a month in eJapan Smily and Spade worked closely together with a few other South Koreans to create the Korean Nationalist Party in eJapan to organize the Koreans in the country so that they could eventually make plans to become an Independent nation again. During this time he served two terms as congressman in the Japanese occupied regions of eSouth Korea. It was generally assumed that the Korean Nationalist Party would stay out of Japanese Politics, but regardless, as Party President Smily decided endorsed Minamoto Yoritomo for president in August 2009 because he liked the radical spirit of the new player and because Minamoto couldn't get an endorsement from any other party. It was assumed among the populace that Minamoto had no chance, but just before the election ended, dozens of former North Koreans moved to Japan and voted for him allowing him to win the election. With the election swiped out of the hands of the country favorite Oraizan, many fingers were pointed at Smily outraged at what he had done.

Ugly Times

Following the Country President elections of August 2009 Smily nearly quit the game plagued with boredom, stress, and frustration. He fell out of prominence after he passed the torch of eSouth Korean leadership onto Spade and became a two clicker for the next 2 months. During this time he tried living the Philippines but decided that it wasn't for him. He also tried moving back to the eUSA but found it a completely different place from what he had left half of a year earlier and realized that his true home was eJapan/eKorea


In October 2009 Smily finally started considering himself an eJapanese citizen and not a South Korean living in eJapan. He realized that there was much more to the game than just trying to get all of the power that he could. He joined the SOS Brigade a party that was best known for its interest in fun and activity. During this time Smily tried to do all sorts of good things for his country.Among them, he told about his revelation, gave hundreds of free gifts to the citizens of Japan, and started getting involved in the government, while at the same time he was involved with this party the SOS Brigade.

Lulz with SRS Face

Around the November 2009 Congress Elections Smily decided that he would run for President of eJapan with no clear opponent to Dokomo the president at the time. At the beginning Smily planned on running a silly campaign with no intent of winning, but as the election date came closer he became more serious and more drawn in by the election. On December 5th the incumbent Dokomo easily won the election with nearly 77% of the vote to Smily's 19%.

South Korea v2

In January 2010 rumor was around that the Theocrats, the sole occupiers of South Korea since September 2009 were going to pack up and move to Spain. At the town hall meeting that followed this news, Smily was chosen to once again be the consensus leader of eSouth Korea. Some days later, Smily decided that he didn't want to be leader and once again passed the torch on to his good friend Spade.