Socialistische Partij van het Volk

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Socialistische Partij van het Volk

General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Abbreviation SPV
Founded 10 July 2008
Dissolved November 2008
Congress Occupancy 0/39 seats, 0%
Succeeds Dutch Erepublik Political Party
Succeeded By Links Nederland
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Socialistische Partij van het Volk was a political party of the Netherlands. This centre-left orientated party is been created on the 10th of July by MariaJozef.

President History

Term President
July 2008 MariaJozef
Aug 2008 Zonnetje
Sept 2008 Cocoamok
Oct 2008 MariaJozef
Nov 2008 ArtemIvanov



On the 10th of July MariaJozef took over the Dutch Erepublik Party Party (DEPP). This month SPV took his place in the opposition and became very active on the dutch forum and media page. SPV was a built by a total new orientation that has not been seen in the Netherlands, the centre-left orientation. New members came in, the total amount of members on the end of July was 10.


For the first time the SPV became part of the government. Zonnetje took over the party president seat and started a successful campaign. More new members joined the SPV. The total amount of members on the end of August was 19.


Both in the general and congress elections SPV took the 2nd place (after [Iron&Wine]). Cocoamok became party president. This month 41 new members joined the party, a lot of them Mexican refugees who saw their country overrun by the goons. SPV strengthen their position in the government by delivering a minister.


SPV won this month general and congress elections with 51.13%. 20 seats in the congress and 68 votes.Cocoamok became president of the Netherlands. Much NLG was printed to support the economy and much of gold was used to upgrade state owned companies.


In November, ArtemIvanov took over the party and renamed it Links Nederland.