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Nationality Flag-Netherlands.jpg Dutch
Date of birth July 2008
Date of death November 2009
Residence Northern Netherlands
Party president of Socialistische Partij van het Volk
September 11 2008 – October 10 2008
Preceded by Zonnetje
Succeeded by MariaJozef
President of Netherlands
October 2 2008 – February 5 2009
Preceded by Chielio
Succeeded by DanielB1989
Party president of Libertarian Social Democrats
August 15 2009 – November 25 2009
Preceded by Betha
Succeeded by Perry Rhodan
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Cocoamok (born August 8, 2008) was a citizen and politician from the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands. She was banned on November 25, 2009, for managing multiple accounts.

She was Party president of the Socialistische Partij van het Volk, and served four consecutive terms as the 8th President of the Netherlands. Cocoamok started to work in manufacturing, and specialized in that.


She joined the Socialistische Partij van het Volk and became an active member. She organised a party forum and managed to involve more members in the Dutch politics. She was party president from September 11 2008 - October 10 2008 because she got the support of former party president Zonnetje. She involved many non-Dutch in this party and was able to break the majority of the centre right libertarian party Iron & Wine. She became Secretary of State on Economics. In the elections of September she won the presidents elections. She has been the President of the Netherlands from October 2 2008 - February 5 2009. Her main objective was to strengthen the economics and to raise the wellness and activity of the Dutch citizens. She managed to get the economy working quite good when V1 brought many surprises.

SPV changed its name into Links Nederland and got some new active members. After party president and prime minister Deviltje left Links Nederland because he did not got much support for the coalition which included not only Iron & Wine and the centre left authoritarian party Dutch Three Star but also the far right party Neerlands Hoop, Cocoamok became prime minister of the Netherlands. She left that position just before the end of her term because she felt she got not enough support from some coalition partners.

She became Minister of Foreign Affairs after the congressional elections of March, she resigned April 19 2009. Links Nederland changed its name to Libertarian Social Democrats and focuses on less rules and more fun. After the congress elections from May 25 Cocoamok became the prime minister of a coalition of the Belgium Party, LSD and I&W. Belgium Party left the government because they were not satisfied with the steps made in making one community over the languages barriers. But despite that LSD and I&W had no majority in congress the government made it to the end and did make some steps to unite the French and Dutch speaking citizens in the United Netherlands. After that she became many times Minister of State Companies & Gold Market.


She is manager of the W companies. Some companies that work together. These companies were given by Gerda to Perry Rhodan, because Gerda did not have the time for it. Perry Rhodan asked Cocoamok to help him reorganise these companies because they were lacking employees. Some were downgraded (W Friends (Q1 gifts) and W Go Go (Q1 tickets), some were upgraded W Power (Q4 weapons) and W Bread (Q4 food). Many new companies were bought and organised. To get others a good working company in the always short on labour human resource market of the United Netherlands she sold a few companies to friends. Betha joined W in March 2009 and is running W Drill (Q3 oil) and W Go Go (Q1 tickets). Betha was banned too on November 25 2009.

W Friends (Q1 gifts), W Drink (Q2 food), W Bread (Q4 food), W Miller (Q4 grain) and W Power (Q5 weapons) were the companies managed by Cocoamok producing mostly for the Dutch market. After the ban only W Bread stayed open, because the other organisations were managed by Cocoamok and banned too.


Cocoamok tried to become a strong soldier and is committed to Peace. As a country president she was not able to fight much. But after she decided not to run any more for presidency, she used the profits of W companies to rank and became captain. Than she was recruited to the Flying Dutchmen, the elite soldiers of the United Netherlands. She left the Dutch army to become volunteer for PEACE. She gained the rank of Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal.