The Corleone's news

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The Corleone's news

General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Language English
Owner Godfather Corleone
Founded April 2012
Subscribers 1,788

"The Corleone's news" are newspapers published and owned by Godfather Corleone.

They have about 1,800 subscribers and they were created with this name on 8 April 2012.

The name of the newspapers before this was "Sorry, we are closed."

The newspapers were official newspapers of Corleone Family organisation, Corleone Family party and Corleone Family military unit.

Due to the Godfather Corleone's retirement from press, the newspapers are closed for most of the time and there were just 2 articles being published in last couple of years.

The most articles, when Godfather Corleone was still writing, were about political, economical and military situation in eWorld and giveaways.

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