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Corleone Family
Logo of Corleone Family
Country Flag-eRepublik.jpg eRepublik
Founded April 07 2012
Newspaper The Corleone's news

Corleone Family organisation was a powerful organisation and a syndicate that operated in eNew World, mostly in secret.

Corleone Family organisation was founded by Godfather Corleone, originally in Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova on April 07 2012, but shortly after the organisation was moved in Icon-France.png France.

Its members were found across countries in eNew World where they operated as loyal citizens, congressmen, commanders and members of governments in countries they were located in.

The first and last Don of the organisation was Godfather Corleone who ran it since the day it was founded until it was dissolved on June 30 2018.

The headquarters of organisation was located in Paris Isle of France , Icon-France.png France.

Corleone Family organisation had a strong political, economical and military ties with several countries in eRepublik.

The organisation had dozens holding companies around eNew World, while most of them were located in Icon-France.png France and Icon-USA.png USA.

Holding companies of organisation included production of food, weapons ( including aircraft ) and raw materials needed to satisfy their production.

The organisations branches, in countries where they used to operate, were run by its members and their leaders appointed directly by Godfather Corleone and only he could revoke their position.

Each branch had its own hierarchy and every branch answered directly to Godfather Corleone.

Number of members and hierarchy of Corleone Family organisation was highly classified and only the Don went in public as a member of organisation.

The Corleone's news were officially newspapers of the organisation and they are located in Icon-France.png France.

Corleone Family party was official political party of the organisation, although organisation members can found and lead their own political parties and choose the leadership, who directly reports to current Don, Godfather Corleone.The party is located in Icon-France.png France.The party was disbanded on July 02 2018.

Corleone Family was official military unit of the organisation, although organisation members could have their own military units, who directly reported and were under high command of Godfather Corleone.The military unit was located in Icon-France.png France. The military unit was disbanded on July 02 2018.

Newspapers, political parties and military units of each member of Corleone Family organisation directly reported, seeked counsel and were under direct command of Godfather Corleone, the Don of the organisation, while it was still operating.

All of them worked in cooperation with a mutual goal of making the organisation more powerful and influential.

Corleone Family organisation was disbanded on June 30 2018.

Icon position party president.gif Don

Citizen3304729.jpg Godfather Corleone April 07 2012 - June 30 2018