Tuniquinho do Arrebol

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Tuniquinho do Arrebol

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Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
National rank 174
Date of birth March 08, 2012
Residence Brazil, Southeast of Brazil, Salvador
Sex Male
Political party PERSONA
Newspaper Tribuna da Meia-Noite
Party president of Casa Imperial Brasileira
January 16, 2015 – February 15, 2015
Preceded by Raphael Louis Habsburg Bourbon
Succeeded by Raphael Louis Habsburg Bourbon
November 16, 2015 – December 15, 2015
Preceded by Raphael Louis Habsburg Bourbon
Succeeded by Raphael Louis Habsburg Bourbon
Military unit B.O.P.E.
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Flight lieutenant 2.png Flight Lieutenant**

Tuniquinho do Arrebol, formerly known as ACFernandes, was born on March 08th 2012 (day 1570 of the New World), in Rio de Janeiro, Southeast of Brazil. He decided to adopt the name that his grandfather used to call him when he was a boy: Tuniquinho do Arrebol. After a suggestion from a more experienced citizen, Kongha, he joined the party PERSONA and the military unit B.O.P.E.. After leaving PERSONA and B.O.P.E., for a couple of days, he joined a German military unit in Brazil, the Flying Suicide Commando (FSK), using Brazilian colors on his avatar. Following the steps of Kongha, he then joined the military unit C.A.T. Brasil (Comando de Apoio Tupiniquim) and its political party, THUNDER.

He is a former Brazilian diplomat and was the ambassador of Brazil in Bulgaria, from day 1884 to day 1902. Then, he was a member of the Brazilian Association of Foreign Affairs (ABAI - Associação Brasileira de Assuntos Internacionais). He founded the Brazilian Anarchist Party (PAB - Partido Anarquista Brasileiro) on day 1884 and was its president from day 1884 to day 2199. He also founded the military unit "Tactical Offense against the enemy" (OTi - Ofensiva Tática ao inimigo) on day 1891, being its Commander until day 2197.

On day 2201, he joined the Royal Navy and, with the help of the Royal Navy's Admirals mick cain and Titus Van Skittles, became a citizen of UK from day 2202 to day 2430. In this period, he was a member of the UK Reform Party. On day 2430, he went back to Brazil and, after approval of the Brazilian Congress member Sir Greg, became a Brazilian citizen again. He joined the Brazilian Imperial Household (Casa Imperial Brasileira) and the Imperial Guard (Guarda Imperial). After that, he tried to found an imperial party, the Restorer Party (Partido Restaurador), and the National Fleet - Brazilian Imperial Navy (ARMADA Nacional - Armada Imperial Brasileira), but due to the lack of members, he failed his intents. He decided to rejoin the Brazilian Imperial Household (Casa Imperial Brasileira) and to sail again in the Royal Navy.

On day 2614, he was elected as the interim president of the Brazilian Imperial Household (Casa Imperial Brasileira) to avoid a take over. After being nominated by the Brazilian Emperor, HI&RM (His Imperial & Royal Majesty) Raphael Louis Habsburg Bourbon (Raphael Louis Habsburg-Lothringen et Bourbon), he is the Baron of Copacabana (day 2447) and also the First Admiral (day 2430) of the National Fleet (Armada Nacional), the Brazilian Imperial Navy (Armada Imperial Brasileira).

Until day 2683, he lived in Portsmouth, South East of England and was serving in the Royal Navy as a member of regiment 5 (HMS Illustrious). His military service record in the Royal Navy consists of a series of important positions:

  1. Royal Navy's 2nd Commander on day 2581;
  2. Captain of HMS Abrantes (regiment 4), from day 2216 to day 2249;
  3. First captain of HMS Speedy (regiment 7), from day 2308 to day 2428. During his command, on day 2415, in the New World Cup competition, HMS Speedy was the UK`s best regiment achieving the status of the top scoring team on divisions 2, 3 and 4, and also the 2nd top scoring team status on division 1;
  4. Captain of HMS Illustrious (regiment 5), from day 2582 to day 2584.

On day 2683, when he left the Royal Navy to join the Brazilian military unit CAT HUE, his former commander Sambo223 said about him: "You were a reliable, respected and dedicated sailor during my time as commander. Best of the luck on the return to Brazil". After serving for some time in CAT, Tuniquinho do Arrebol joined Guarda Imperial where he served as 2nd Commander for a while. Today he is a regular private.

His personal motto is: "God, Law and Emperor!"