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United Kingdom
Flag of United Kingdom   Coat of Arms of United Kingdom

On the map

Language English
Population 1,378
Capital Northern Ireland
Current President Big Ant
Political Party The Unity Party
Currency Flag-UK.jpg Great British Pound (GBP)
Minimum salary Flag-UK.jpg 0.10 GBP
Food bonus 20%
Weapon bonus 60%
Territories 4

Map of United Kingdom

Last update July 7th, 2014

The United Kingdom (commonly known as the UK) is a medium sized country in Western Europe. With sixteen regions bordering eight other nations, this unusually large number of borders made the UK a key tactical crossroads which was frequently fought over during world wars for the ocean crossings between North America, Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Recently the UK itself has become a target for its resources and was defeated, divided up and occupied by Canada, Ireland and France. Ireland closed their war and allowed UK congress elections to happen in exchange for Scotland and Northern Ireland, while the UK received Wexford and Louth.

The UK has a relatively small military capability so it relies on diplomacy and mutual protection pacts for its defence, The UK has been part of many military alliances, recently becoming part of the SIRIUS military alliance.

Icon-social-mic-home.gif Society


The UK community offers a variety of forums and IRC channels for eUK users. The eUK forum traditionally houses the government and is used by a number of the active population. The Rizon IRC network has channels for all Political parties, Military Units and other miscellaneous channels.

The national channels and forums can be heavily moderated, anything judged to be spam, trolling, racism or insulting to other members could result in a ban.

Icon - Forums.png
Icon - Chat.png
Icon-United Kingdom.png

The community also produces a wide range of articles; from election manifestos and guides, to flame wars and fun articles (UK National Media).

The National Newspaper Association, provides a monthly round-up of government and political news as well as quality or interesting popular articles.

Government Entity Erepublik Account Newspaper
President 10 Downing Street Prime Minister's Office
Prime Minister None
Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence MoD News
Ministry of Finance Bank of England Bank of England News
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Foreign Affairs UK Foreign Office
Ministry of Home Affairs eUK Home Office eUK Home Office News
National Newspaper Association The National Newspaper


The UK was originally part of the ATLANTIS alliance network until its defeat and dissolution in mid 2009. In the aftermath, the UK switched to the opposing PEACE network after disputes with Sweden and it's supporters over attacks on Germany. This flipped the UK's tactical status from a safe nation surrounded by strong allies into a new front in wars between major alliances.

The UK was then used as a land bridge to stage attacks on other nations by all alliances, most notably by Hungary in PEACE invasion of North America. The very act of switching alliances has also made the UK itself a target of ATLANTIS successor alliances EDEN and Brolliance, with several unsuccessful sieges launched to wipe the country off the map. PEACE reformed into it's successor alliance Phoenix at the end of 2009, with the UK staying in that alliance network until it dissolved in early 2011.

In February 2011 the UK become a member of the successor of Brolliance, Terra from which they subsequently withdrew from in April of the same year after an unsuccessful invasion of Belgium, claiming that Terra did not support the UK against the Belgians. Following it's withdrawal from Terra, the UK become an officially neutral supporter of the ONE alliance, which was a mix of the most powerful members of Phoenix and EDEN. It eventually joined as a full member and used this support to defeat and occasionally occupy Ireland for a few months.

The UK became more dependant on it's allies for protection after disbanding most of it's military, so in December 2011 a decline in power of ONE led to the tables being turned in the UK-Ireland-Canada conflict. A rapid decline in relations with France caused them to join in the war too, leading to the first complete occupation of the UK and leaving it without congress elections for three months. It was divided up according to the The Commonwealth Agreement by France and Ireland, with the remainder going to Canada. After negotiating region swaps with Ireland the UK managed to secure a freedom at last. With the end of the Irish swaps the eUK completed 2012 with standard region bonus multipliers.

In the fading days of 2012 the eUK undertook a long awaited offensive initiative and wiped Portugal. In doing so the country incurred severe financial expenditure, one of the many factors effecting the smaller reserve (relative to previous administrations), an issue that congress would debate thoroughly to form consensus. The eUK occupied Norway in early 2013 to allow its citizens to gain True Patriot medals, causing a offensive/defensive war fought by Spain to attack Canada to prevent a threat to the eUK's home regions. The eUnited Kingdom is now a member of TWO alongside Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Poland, and maintains friendly relations with CoT nations.

In the month of March, 2013 the United Kingdom was attacked jointly by Argentina and Ireland in what has become known as the eFalklands War where Argentina determined to colonise Great Britain while their ally, Ireland, could successfully unite their perceived Island into one, United Ireland. Due to heavy TWO conflicts around the globe at the time, Argentinian and Irish forces succeeded in temporarily conquering the nation. Within a couple of days of the end of the first stage, the United Kingdom had started to win back regions supported by a Polish counter invasion. With Argentina removed from the United Kingdom completely, the UK continued to wage the war against Ireland seeking to gain some measure of revenge for their betrayal ending with a wipe when they seized Dublin on Day 1990. During World War VI, the United Kingdom attacked Germany and Denmark in order to assist their allies Lithuania. Shortly after this the Irish war was ended in order to focus on TWO's invasion of the USA which resulted in a total wipe of the nation. In July 2013 alongside allies Iran and Australia the UK launched an Airstrike upon Indonesia, which, although ultimately failed, was a success in liberating Australia.


The UK is unique in linking Scandinavia, Western Europe and North America. With eight natural, neighboring countries and many more only a few regions away, the UK is a key tactical position in wars fought between nations in Europe and North America. This has often led to volatile borders. The UK has been variously reduced to one region or in ownership of many foreign regions via region swaps and counter attacks. The most frequent UK conquests tend to be temporary occupation of enemy bordering regions or fruit resource regions in Ireland. The UK had been wiped off the map by Canada, France and Ireland. It is in the process of regaining it's regions so many may be in the possession of other countries.

Hostile Neutral Allied
Icon-Canada.png Canada
Icon-France.png France
Icon-Norway.png Norway
Icon-Denmark.png Denmark
Icon-Belgium.png Belgium
Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands
Icon-USA.png USA
Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
Region Occupier Resources Map
London Flag-United Kingdom.jpg Icon - Aluminum.png Region-London.png
East Midlands Flag-United Kingdom.jpg Icon - Oil.png Region-East Midlands.png
East of England Flag-United Kingdom.jpg Icon - Oil.png Region-East of England.png
North East of England Flag-UK.jpg Icon - Fish.png Region-North East of England.png
North West of England Flag-UK.jpg Icon - Iron.png Region-North West of England.png
Northern Ireland Flag-UK.jpg Icon - Fish.png Region-Northern Ireland.png
Region Occupier Resources Map
Scotland Flag-UK.jpg Icon - Cattle.png Region-Scotland.png
South East of England Flag-UK.jpg Icon - Cattle.png Region-South East of England.png
South West of England Flag-UK.jpg Icon - Fish.png Region-South West of England.png
Wales Flag-UK.jpg Icon - Iron.png Region-Wales.png
West Midlands Flag-UK.jpg Icon - Iron.png Region-West Midlands.png
Yorkshire & Humberside Flag-UK.jpg Icon - Fish.png Region-Yorkshire & Humberside.png

Icon-politics-mic-home.gif Politics

Like many other countries, the older members of the UK community renamed the generic institutions of eRepublik as far as possible, such as Congress and the President, to assign a cultural flavour to them and an element of uniqueness. The elected members of the UK Congress are sometimes called Members of Parliament (MP) and make up the forum based House of Commons. Of late the nation has trended back towards using official eRep nomenclature to avoid confusion for any visiting officials from other nations as well as the new players that eUK attracts.


The Monarch was the Head of State of the eUnited Kingdom and has been in place since September 18 2009. Their role is symbolic while the day to day running of the nation and direction is taken by the Prime Minister. The current Monarch is HM Woldy I who has reigned for the longest of all Monarchs to date. The role has since been disestablished and removed from legislation, but the public continues to engage with the Monarchy as a public and social institution, with Woldy I still fulfilling the role of King.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, or Country President of the eUnited Kingdom is the head of the eUK Government, he or she appoints and manages the Ministers who perform the day-to-day administration of the country. The current Prime Minister is BigAnt of TUP.


The UK usually has 40 Parliament seats, although this can fall during invasions. Starting from the December 2011 elections there were no people in Congress due to the invasion, which continued through to the successful March 2012 elections.

As well as voting on in game proposals, the UK Parliament discusses sensitive issues and votes on proposals using forum and messaging systems.













Prime Minister Seal of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.png BigAnt
Deputy Prime Minister Seal of the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.png [VACANT]
Ministers of Defence Seal of the Minister of Defence.png [VACANT]
Minister of Home Affairs Seal of the Minister of Home Affairs.png [VACANT]
Minister of Foreign Affairs Seal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.png Kapten Johnson
Chancellor of the Exchequer Seal of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.png Huey George
Minister of Entertainment Sealoftheministryofhomee.png [N W G]
Minister of Education Seal of the Ministry of Information and Education.png [Sven Goran Duran-Duran]

Top 5 Political Parties

Logo Party Name Abbreviation Political Stance Party President Members Congressmen Percentage of Congress
Party-The Unity Party.png The Unity Party TUP Centre-left, Libertarian Big Ant 150 8 18.14%
VendettaUK.jpg Vendetta V Far-left, Anarchist William Ross 112 9 28.21%
Party-UK Progression Party.png UKPP UKPP Centre, Libertarian Alfagrem 90 8 20.18%
Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UK Reform Party UKRP Centre-right, Libertarian TheDark Ace 87 7 18.14%
Party-Team Rocket.jpg Team Rocket TR Centre, Libertarian NWG 68 8 20.63%
For political parties outside the Top 5, see the in game rankings.

Icon-military-mic-home.gif Military

Armed Forces

Main article: British Armed Forces

The United Kingdom military has ungone many changes throughout its life. Due to the current economic situation, the government was unable to continue funding a national military leaving it redundant. Currently, the Military is made up of any eUK, privately funded and commanded MU who together form the 'Federalised United Kingdom Units' or F UK U under the direct command of the Ministry of Defence. This was founded by CP Mr Woldy and then Minister of Defence Bohemond4 in June 2013 to replace the apolitical AFG, or Armed Forces Group.

The units currently involved in this are: TUP Family, Legion, British Army, Royal Navy, Tank Nation, Royal Marines, Liberty UK, Funky Militia, Woldy's Warriors and Royal Army Dental Corps.


Recent history has seen a great deal of change. The United Kingdom was once a member of the Flag-ATLANTIS.jpg ATLANTIS alliance but adopted a policy of neutrality following the organization's dissolution, initiating a period characterized by extremely low relations with it's former allies such as the USA and Sweden. As a consequence the UK eventually joined PEACE-Seal.png PEACE Global Community in a memorable episode of political turmoil prior to the PEACE Invasion of North America, a controversial move as PEACE and ATLANTIS were traditionally enemies. The United Kingdom left PEACE in November 2009 after many key allies had also left. The United Kingdom became a member of the Icon-Phoenix.png Phoenix Alliance, the successor of PEACE, on December 06, 2009. On the 24th of February 2011, the United Kingdom left Phoenix and joined Terra.pngTerra but left on April 25th 2011, due to dissagreements with other member nations mostly over their treatment within the alliance and foreign policy.

After leaving Terra the United Kingdom tried to maintain the Strasbourg Treaty and for a time succeeded. However with the changing political climate and growing ever-closer to ONE nations the treaty became a Non-Agression Pact despite both France and Germany remaining Terra members. It was eventually disolved (neither side will agree on the reasons), and currently the United Kingdom is at war with all of their former Terra allies.

The UK joined ONE in December as a full member nation of the alliance, having been pro-ONE for most of the year. When ONE reformed after a long ajustment period the UK entered into TWO as a founding member.

Fight-war.gif Wars

Logo Nation Status Current Decription Battles won/lost UK Natural Enemy

Icon-economy-mic-home.gif Economy


The UK tax system encourages maximum productivity in the companies which supply it to lower prices, increase exports and raise tax revenue. Products which the UK can produce at optimal productivity have a low local tax and high import tax, while products which the UK cannot produce with high productivity have a high local tax and low import tax.

Product Work Tax Income Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon Food Q3.png Food - 2% 1% 10%
Icon Weapon Q2.png Weapon 2% 8% 1%
Food Raw Material.png Food raw material 2% 2% -
Weapon Raw Material.png Weapon raw material 2% 99% -
House Raw Material.png House raw material -
Product Work Tax Income Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets - - 1% 1%
Icon House Q3.png Houses -
Icon Hospital Q3.png Hospitals - 1% 1%
Icon Defense system Q3.png Defense system - 1% 1%


The United Kingdom occasionally blocks trade with enemy nations. Due to poor diplomatic relations, frequent targets include Icon-Ireland.png Ireland and Icon-USA.png USA. For example, in June 2011 Greece and Croatia were both embargoed by Jamesw following their support of Ireland during the UK's invasion. During the months of December and January, Thomas765 and Kravenn began embargoing EDEN nations that dumped products on the UK market. France became a target of this by Kravenn's term as CP and the French were consequently embargoed for 11 months.