Operation E.S.T.A.C.A.

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Operation E.S.T.A.C.A.
Date July 21, 2013 –
In progress
Location East Europe
Result Flag-Chile.jpg Chile attacked Flag-Romania.png Romania with a Airstrike trying to liberate Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria and 20px Macedonia.
25px CoT
Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
25px TWO
Flag-Romania.png Romania
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Chile.jpg DrKaban Flag-Romania.jpg min boby

Operation E.S.T.A.C.A. takes his name from a joke against Icon-Romania.png Romania, about Dracula's legend. It is a war between Icon-Chile.png Chile, and 25px CoT; against Icon-Romania.png Romania, and 25px TWO.



Flag-Romania.png Romania had conquered all territories of Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria. Flag-Chile.jpg Chile and CoT plained liberate it, as they did at Bulgaria-Argentina War: with a Airstrike.

First Hit

Flag-Chile.jpg Chile launched Airstrike against Flag-Romania.png Romania and then, they attacked Varna and conquered it.

Battle list

Week 1

Flag-Chile.jpg Chile launchs Airstrike against Flag-Romania.png Romania

Date Attacker Region Defender Result
Jul 20, 2013
Day 2069
Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
Region-Varna.png Varna
Flag-Romania.png Romania
Icon conquered.jpgFlag-Chile.jpg


War: http://www.erepublik.com/en/wars/show/33520 1st Battle - Varna: http://www.erepublik.com/es/military/battlefield/42937