Iranian Freedom Fighters

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Freedom Fighters

General Information
Formation 18 Jan 2012
Country Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Total Soldiers 168
Commanded by hayuola
2nd Commander van hellsing

Freedom Fighters Army founded by van hellsing and hayuola in the 18 Jan 2012 (1520 day of the New World) in Iran.

The main goal of this army is to bring together new members of Iran, support them and help them to achieve Mercenary medal.

To achieve this goal with minimum cost, this army will move it's members to a country and fight for a country as mentioned before in it's plan. Freedom Fighters Army has near connection with nehzat azady party. It is not necessary to join this party, but if you join this party you can use more support and supply such as foods and tanks.

IRC Channel

Freedom Fighters channel is Rizon, #IrArmy2.

You can go there by this link: |


Freedom Fighters Army Fighting orders

Day Move to Fight for Status
1521 Turkey Greece Done
1522 Turkey Iran Done
1523 Serbia Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Done
1524 Serbia Poland Done
1525 Serbia Serbia Done
1526 Serbia UK Done
1527 Poland No Specific order Done
1528 Poland Spain Done
1557 Serbia Serbia Done
1558 Serbia | Poland Bug in system Finished
1559 Poland | Serbia Poland Done
1560 Poland | Serbia New Zealand Done
1561 Poland | Serbia Iran Done
1562 Poland | Serbia iran Done
1563 Poland | Serbia Poland | Thailand Done


Daily supply:

Supply will be in Irc Channel




Members can use one of two choice for avatar

  • Put this picture as your avatar
Put this picture as your avatar - Freedom Fighters Avatar

  • Put a red or white Hand grenade below of your favorite avatar.
File:FreeDom AvatarAvatar.jpg
Put a red or white Hand grenade below of your favorite avatar - Freedom Fighters Sign

Van Hellsing with Freedom Fighters Sign