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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth May 11th, 2009
Date of death 2011
Residence Quebec
Sex Male
Newspaper Angry's Burning Fiction
Minister of Immigration of Canada
September 6th, 2009 – December 5th, 2009
Preceded by Tyler F Durden
Succeeded by Ozymandias Malifozik
Vice president of Canadian Paradox Party
October 16, 2009 – November 15, 2009
Preceded by Eldorino
Succeeded by RalphKline
Party president of Canadian Paradox Party
April 16, 2010 – June 15, 2010
Preceded by Gaius Julius Caesar00
Succeeded by Alias Vision
Vice president of Canadian Paradox Party
September 16, 2010 – January 15, 2011
Preceded by cmc1868
Succeeded by Coolmanos
Congress member of Ontario
November 26th – December 25th, 2010
Party president of Canadian Paradox Party
January 16th, 2011 – April 15th, 2011
Preceded by Galla.50
Succeeded by Coolmanos
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

00AngryMobMan00 was a citizen of Icon-Canada.png Canada.


None of us are born great, some are just born to be great. It can be honestly said that this man wasn't born to be great, but to be amazing. Now here's his legend.


00AngryMobMan00 was born back on day 538 of the New World (May 11th, 2009), in Ontario, Canada. The first few weeks of his life went by slowly, he was honestly not much more than a 2-Clicker.

When he hit level 12 (which at the time was the XP level minimum to join a party), he decided to step it up a notch, and join a political party.

Canadian Paradox Party

At that time, the only party to have PM'd him (i.e. recruit), was the Canadian Paradox Party, whom was under the rule of Tom Hagen (the original party founder). A few months passed, and nothing special really occurred although he had joined the Canadian Forums, and I started making new friends, but nothing really advanced in the life of little old AMM

His first Cabinet Position

This all changed when Jacobi (the prime minister of Canada at the time), offered him his first Cabinet Position (which he accepted with enthusiasm), of Minister of Immigration. For three consecutive months in a row, he remained as Canada's Minister of Immigration (both under Jacobi, and William Duncan).


By this time, he was about level 18 or 19 - so he was really on The roll of things; hitting off a lot of political positions. However, he wanted more. So, the number 5 party, CPP, offered him a spot in Congress. Sadly, however, this attempt was not successful, nor were the two-times after it.

However, by his fourth try, he had finally garnered up enough support to not only be in Congress once, but to be re-elected two more times (making it three times in Congress). After some time in Congress, he figured it was time for me to switch my ambition in Canada.

Joining the Canadian Armed Forces

This is when he took the chance to join the Canadian Armed Forces - the national army of Canada, that was recruiting at the time. Luckily, after only a few days, he was accepted, and admitted into The prestigious fighting group

CPP til the end

But whatever happened to the Canadian Paradox Party, his original party? Well, throughout all of that, he stuck with them, even as they are slowly fading away today; he remained as their party president, waiting for the day when they would boost right back up into the top 5.

He managed to reclaim his spot as Party president in the Canadian Paradox Party, and has successfully led it to the top 5 once again!

Icon position party member.gif Politics

He was an active member of Canadian Paradox Party, led it excellently and has been successfully been voted into congress 6 times.

Icon donation.gif Business

00AngryMobMan00 was an aspiring businessman who owned 9 companies.

Name Resource Country
Mob Granaries I Icon - Grain.png Icon-Canada.png Canada
Mob Granaries II Icon - Grain.png Icon-Canada.png Canada
Mob Granaries III Icon - Grain.png Icon-Canada.png Canada
Mob Fisheries I Icon - Fish.png Icon-Canada.png Canada
Mob Bakery Icon - Food Q1.png Icon-Canada.png Canada
Name Resource Country
Mob Ironworks I Icon - Iron.png Icon-Canada.png Canada
Mob Oil Fields I Icon - Oil.png Icon-Canada.png Canada
Mob Aluminum I Icon - Grain.png Icon-Canada.png Canada
Mob Armories Icon - Weapon Q1.png Icon-Canada.png Canada

Icon-war.png Military

He has achieved a military rank of Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal*** and has been awarded 16 Super Soldier medals. He was also a very respected CAF officer and CAF High Commander as the Canadian Armed Forces Chief Personnel Management Officer.

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Angry's Burning Fiction.jpg

Angry's Burning Fiction is the newspaper owned and published by 00AngryMobMan00 which published important news by him.

Canadian Forum Medals

AngryMobMan has collected a total of SIX Canadian Forum Medals, which are listed as such:

Canadian Forum Medal - Cabinet Medal.jpg Cabinet Medal Canadian Forum Medal - Congress Member.jpg Congress Member Canadian Forum Medal - CAF High Command.jpg CAF High Command
Canadian Forum Medal - Ambassador.jpg Ambassador Canadian Forum Medal - Canadian Veteran.jpg Canadian Veteran Canadian Forum Medal - Tank Donations.jpg Tank Donations


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 10x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 6x Congress Member
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 1x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 16x Super Soldier
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 4x True Patriot