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Tyler F Durden

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth 13 July 2009
Date of death 31 May 2010
Residence Alberta
Sex Male
Party president of Canadian Progressive Front
August 2009 – December 2009
Congress member of Prince Edward Island
November 2009 – March 2010
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
The account holder for Tyler F Durden lost his life in a tragic automobile accident on May 31st, 2010, 
and is officially remembered by the community four times a year on eCanadian Remembrance Day.

Tyler F Durden , widely known as "TFD", was born on Day 601. This was also the same day that Canada was invaded by PEACE GC backed France.

Personal History

Tyler began his Life like many other new citizens - living hand to mouth. Soon he was able to fight, and began contributing to the nation's war effort. The war was devastating. Canada threw everything at the PEACE: GC enemies - but they only smiled and waved.

Successive governments had very little in ways of preparation for such an overwhelming invasion. Canada was soon out of our national weapons stockpiles. Gold reserves were thrown at a monumental tidal wave of invaders.

Day 617 approached.


Some may ask, what is Day 617? Why is this day significant?

On Day 617, the Admins were to implement the long awaited - and demanded Citizenship module.

At this time during the war, Canada had lost half our country to France (which swapped regions between the UK, Hungary and Iran). When this module came into effect - Canada stood to lose thousands of citizens to foreign nations by virtue of their residency. While the government had it's hands full fighting and losing battle after battle, Tyler F Durden tried to make his fellow citizens realize that they were about to lose the fists of all left behind in what was now - and to be enemy occupied territory.

Tyler was not known and was frustrated that nobody truly appreciated the consequences of leaving people behind enemy lines. Granted - they were fighting the war with weapons - something Tyler could not yet afford to do.

Tyler scraped what little CAD he had accumulated, and added it to the Level 6 gold which he had (minus Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD for his Newspaper - the best gold he ever spent) and started buying up Moving Tickets from the ever shrinking markets. The first Canadian Citizen repatriated by Tyler was Anomie, who became one of Tyler's close friends and a future contributor in national affairs & government.

Then Tyler wrote this article: eCanadian Refugees, which became highly successful.

Prior to the fall of British Columbia, Tyler F Durden published this article: Durdens List: Operation Repatriation, a list of all those who he had repatriated up until that point.

Then came Operation: Repatriation - BC.

Citizens such as Neil III helped out Tyler in the early stages of Operation Repatriation. Neil III was Tyler's employer at the time. The company Neil III owned was a Moving Ticket company. Neil III was the first to appreciate Tyler's efforts and began furnishing him with as many Moving Tickets as were possible - at great personal expense. Tyler - long having had reached the end of his meager savings was again back at it.

The donations began pouring in. Citizen after citizen had donated CAD, Moving Tickets, Houses, and gold to the cause. Soon Tyler's exploits caught the attention of the war weary government - who then donated even more gold to the cause.

Tyler F Durden became a national hero overnight.

Working in Cabinet

The war began in the 1st Jacobi term, and Jacobi sought Tyler's services in the Ministry of Immigration & Citizenship. An Amazing List of Superheros was formed and Tyler began his first job as a Government minister.

Tyler's first term as a Minister would also be his last. Answering 75+ PMs per day with an ever dwindling budget allocation, Tyler continued to move Canadians back to where they belong - Ontario, for our Last Stand. We lost that battle as we had lost every one before it. Tyler finished out his Ministerial appointment in exile, eventually truncating Ministry services for lack of funds.

Jacobi had included Tyler in his next Cabinet, however, after an exhausting 1st term Tyler never wanted to see another Moving Ticket so long as he lived.

Tyler continued his independent work of helping Canada by building it's first eCanadian Registry, so Canadians could keep track of each other while in exile.

Time of resistance

While official orders from the government were to move to the USA, nobody really paid much mind to them. The confidence in the government was shattered - despite the incredible force which enemy placed upon them.

One group, led by Banach went to Spain to continue the fight from there. This group became known as the 46th Iberian Brigade, or the Canadian Resistance movement.

Another group went to Greece, which later became known as Bruck's Canucks, then later the Crimson Canucks - a private army.

Tyler went to Spain and bought a cheap grain company in Madrid and invited fellow exiles to find employment in a Canadian company abroad. This group fought against the French invasion of Spain - which eventually suffered the same fate as Canada - utter destruction.

Again, Tyler was on the move. He acquired a cheap oil company in Indonesian Occupied West Siberian Region and worked for next to nothing - donating all wages back into the company, as he was now broke - and alone... He fought every day in Resistance Wars against Indonesia, all the while watching and waiting for Canada to appear from the fog of war.

Then PEI. New Brunswick. Nova Scotia.

Canada was reborn!

Tyler came home - still with his Canadian citizenship and continued his contributions.

Prime Minister Jacobi honoured Tyler F Durden with the Companion of The Order of Canada in this article. Jacobi then created the Canadian National Coalition Party - Canada's first Party in its new life so we could have a congressional election. Tyler F Durden stayed out of politics - in fact, he had never been a member of any Party in his Life. Soon the CPP, CSD and DAL were reborn - and Canada once again had a thriving political arena.


It was not until the September 5th, 2009 Federal elections that Tyler thought about getting into politics. There was a new Party on the scene - only days old before that election - and had run Banach as its candidate. What was this new Party?

Canadian Progressive Front

The name was a historic one from an age long before the war. The federal election came and went and Jacobi had won yet another term as our Prime Minister. Tyler took a trip to New York City and there decided that the time had come to enter into the firestorm of politics. He published an article asking the Top 5 Parties (only ones which existed at the time) to convince him to join their Party. Eventually, and in retrospect - naturally the CPF had won the intent of Tyler. The CPF had as it's core membership - those who went to Greece or Spain to continue the war while Canada did not exist. Prime Minister Jacobi made his position known in his article Definitive Statement On The Resistance Groups where he tried to sway the support of the same people who he had initially despised.

The Canadian Progressive Front had become the target for all that was and is wrong with Canada. When Tyler joined the Party, he was the 64th member. The CPF was the smallest party and had but two congressmen. Certainly not a threat to anyone. Jacobi took great pride in making sure that nobody from that party would enjoy any political success - and vowed to keep them out of "power" for as long as he could.

Canadian Progressive Front Party presidency

Old axes to grind meant nothing to Tyler. He really did not understand at the time why Jacobi hated the membership of the CPF so much. Tyler took it upon himself to run for Party president. He faced off against Tantis in the first election and won with a 63-18 vote count. It was the beginning of many triumphs to come. Ten days later, Tyler F Durden led the CPF into the Congress elections and surprised the nation with a 13 seat victory - Tyler winning his first seat as well.

Tyler F Durden and the Canadian Progressive Front were now on everybody's radar. Their membership size began to skyrocket. By October they were 4th largest, passing the CPP.

The CPF had begun a campaign of reaching out to the other Parties. Now that the CPF had to be taken seriously, the time was right for endorsing other candidates for PM. The first party which Tyler and the CPF sought was the Canadian National Coalition. In October of '09, the CPF endorsed jbdivinus for PM - who lost by 140 votes to William Duncan.

Tyler then ran for his second straight Party president election - against patar333 this time. Again Tyler won by a count of 112 - 36 over his challenger. The CPF matched their September success in October - proving that they were no fluke. Once again, the CPF garnered 13 seats - more than any other Party - again. Tyler also won his second straight seat.

In the November federal elections, the CPF endorsed CNC candidate Treian. This ticket fared no better than the prior one - this time losing by 250 votes. Tyler took this into account as he saw the CPF overtake the CNC as Canada's number 2 Party in membership size - after the DAL. Tyler went to his membership and once again asked for their support for Party president. Once again, tantis and patar333 threw their hats in against Tyler...and once again Tyler came out on top, achieving 65% of the votes cast. Tyler then announced he supported the idea of the CPF running a candidate of their own for December 5th, 2009 - and was met with an overwhelming amount of support.

In November, Tyler and the CPF lost their dominance in Congress by electing only 8 members, Tyler being one of the few to return to Congress.

During this time, Tyler had been building for the CPF a wholly independent economy.

Together with Neil III, Tyler built up what has become known as CPF Inc. - a group of companies used by the Party. Once CPF Inc. became completely self sufficient, Addy Lawrence was appointed Director of Finance of the CPF and put in charge of running the organization. It was shortly after this development that Tyler realized his long term dream - creating a CPF Party Army. This was met by great resistance by some who thought real life could somehow find it's way into eRepublik. This prompted Tyler to write one of his favourite articles of all time: Meet My Mechanic.

Presidential elections of December 2009

On December 5th, the CPF put forth their 1st genuine candidate in Banach - who incidentally had been the 1st ever candidate for the Party when it was created only days before the September 5th election. Banach ran against Jacobi - seeking his 5th term as PM, and the DAL's Derek Harland. Jacobi won that election - but sent a signal to the DAL & CPF. What was that signal? That if the DAL & CPF ever wanted to overcome the Jacobi Alliance which was the CSD, CNC (after the CPF had endorsed their candidate twice in a row - chose to turn their backs on the CPF) and the CPP, then they would have to work together.

Tyler put this lesson in the back of his mind and set out to win his 4th straight Party president election. This time he faced off against Addy Lawrence - someone who had just used CPF assets to help pull a practical joke in synch with a Crimson Canucks prank on the gov't by instructing citizens to fight against gov't orders in the Pennsylvania RW. Addy later apologized and donated Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD into the CPF coffers by running against Tyler in the December 15th Party election. Tyler won that election 112 - 39 over Addy Lawrence and looked ahead yet again.

Soon word came to Tyler that the DAL also sought to end a bitter rivalry with the CPF and work together in a Party coalition to put one of their own in 24 Sussex (rl PM's address). This coalition was kept successfully under wraps to everyone until announcements were made first to the DAL by Derek Harland and Citizen B - the DAL President, and by Tyler to the CPF. Finally, two great enemies were brought together by virtue of everyone else choosing to align themselves against the DAL & CPF.

On Christmas Day, the Congress elections went the CPF's way once again. They matched their best at 13 seats - and saw themselves set for January 5th.

On January 5th, Canada's closest election EVER took place. A see-saw battle between 5-time incumbent Jacobi, and Derek Harland. The vote came down to the wire when due to trash talking (allegedly), the Crimson Canucks - a "non political" private army started by 3 time PM Bruck had publicly announced that they were endorsing Jacobi - and incidentally had the necessary amount of votes available to ensure a Jacobi win. This was the nail in the coffin for the DAL/CPF candidate Derek Harland who ended up losing that election by only 4 votes to Jacobi. It is not without a sense of irony, however.

It was after all Jacobi who had already announced his stance on groups such as the Crimson Canucks - and it wasn't friendly. In the end, Jacobi relied on those he had tried to ostracize for his own success.

Tyler took this loss hard... but he would bounce back.


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