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Ozymandias Malifozik

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth August 3, 2009 / Day 622
Date of death June 2010
Sex Male
Newspaper The Gusher
Minister of Education
July 17, 2010 –
Served under Dade Pendwyn
Preceded by Ace Blazer
Congress member of Delaware
March 26, 2010 – April 25, 2010
Preceded by zblewski
Succeeded by Christopher True
Congress member of Northwest Territories
October 26, 2009 – January 20, 2010
Preceded by patar333
Succeeded by SilencerII
Party president of EPIC
April 27, 2010 – May 15, 2010
Succeeded by Nosyt
Party president of Canadian National Coalition
April 16, 2010 – May 15, 2010
Preceded by Greg McNeish
Minister of Immigration
December 6, 2009 – January 5, 2010
Served under Jacobi
Preceded by 00AngryMobMan00
Succeeded by Michael Holden
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ozymandias Malifozik was a Canadian citizen who was born on Day 622 of the New World, in Pennsylvania, USA. He lived in Ontario.

He created his newspaper, The Gusher and started creating short noob articles. A few days into his life, Ozymandias Malifozik watched Emerick be elected President of the USA on August 5, 2009.


After dropping out of the August, 2009 Florida Congressional elections, Ozymandias Malifozik moved to Alberta, Canada and became a Canadian Citizen. He joined the Canadian National Coalition and became one of the main supporters of Rainer N, a young ambitious Party president candidate. He published an interview with Rainer N in his newspaper, marking the first time a productive article had been featured in The Gusher. For his support he was rewarded with his first office, Director of New Member Affairs of the Canadian National Coalition upon Rainer N's surprising victory. He was the first and last to hold that office.

Political Career


Ozymandias Malifozik ran for the September 2009 Congress in British Columbia under the Canadian National Coalition. He fell short of his goal, obtaining 3.08% of the vote. Once again, Ozymandias Malifozik ran for the October 2009 Congress in Northwest Territories under the Canadian National Coalition. He was elected with 25% of the vote. He was re-elected Congressman of the Northwest Territories in the November 2009 Congressional election with 24.24% of the vote and in the December 2009 Congressional election with 33.33% of the vote. After a short hiatus in the Czech Republic, he returned to Canada and was elected to the March 2010 Congress in Canadian Delaware.


Ozymandias Malifozik was chosen to serve as the Minister of Immigration of Canada in President Jacobi's fifth Presidential cabinet. He spearheaded a resurgent bursary program for the eCanadian Forums, and due to his move, declined to take part in the 6th Jacobi cabinet. In July, 2010, he was chosen by President Dade Pendwyn to replace Ace Blazer as Minister of Education.


When the Canadian National Coalition declined in popularity and fell down the the 6th largest political party in Canada in Spring 2010, Ozymandias ran for the Party Presidency. He ran on the platform of a merger with the Canadian Social Democrats and was elected in April 2010 with exactly 50% of the vote. On April 27, 2010 the Canadian National Coalition and Canadian Social Democrats merged to create the Egalitarian Party of Independent Canadians. He and Chamrajnagar served as Co-Party Presidents until the May 15, 2010 Party Presidential Elections.

Military Career

Ozymandias Malifozik became one of the first recruits of the Canadian Armed Forces Rangers in October, 2009, assigned to the 2nd platoon. He remained a Ranger until January, 2010. In July, 2010, he joined The Crimson Order, a Canadian paramilitary organization.

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Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x13)
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Congress Member (x6)
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Super Soldier (x5)
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Party President* (x1)