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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 3843
Date of birth 8 April 2009 - Day 505
Date of death unknown
Residence Louisiana, USA
Sex Female
Military rank Icon rank General*.png General*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Aerofluff was an American citizen, born Texan but residing in Louisiana. Military duties often keep her stationed elsewhere, but she always endeavours to move home to Louisiana to vote in Congressional elections.

Employment and Business

Always having worked previously in the manufacturing field, Aerofluff particularly enjoys the details of firearm craftsmanship, having been introduced to the workforce initially as an employee of Block S LLC's BAR Weapons before it was forced to close down due to a drop in the economy many years ago. She built her first company, a Moving Ticket enterprise with the obviously-related name Aeroflights International, in late May '09 and based it out of her beloved Louisiana. For the short span of months in which it was active, the company was very successful. Regretfully, this company was temporarily packed up into dormancy with all assets liquidated during the PEACE invasion on American home soil (July-August '09). With the victories and reclaiming of American territory, her company re-opened in late August with brief success for a time. With the sudden and terrible downturn in the economy that followed, profits from November '09 through February '10 were negligible and the government's economic gurus continued to deny the problem or that anything needed to be changed, so without any salvation in sight, Aeroflights International was promptly sold and her business endeavors were relocated overseas.


Short and simple:
Aerofluff is a conservative who believes in being fiscally responsible, capitalism, low taxes, protecting the liberties and freedoms of American citizens from any government infringement, and supports small government that remains transparent and represents the people's will.

Libertarian Party

Aerofluff briefly considered the Conservative Party, before finally joining the Libertarian Party in early April '09.
While still holding many typical rightwing values, right-Libertarianism has always appealed to this former Republican-oriented individual more.
With these distinctions in mind, it has been somewhat difficult to reconcile the fact that she identifies and votes alongside more liberal members of the Libertarian Party, but has no particular desire to further their political careers. Aerofluff would not hesitate to vote (for example) for a CvP candidate who fit her preferences more, if the Libertarians fronted a rather leftist candidate instead, although this choice primarily revolves around more pertinent issues such as taxation and war policies, since the aforementioned social issues have no real impact. Despite this one caveat, she has always been supportive of her party.

Aerofluff is often known for bluntly honest commentary lacking in any "political correctness," her opinion is her own and is sugar-coated for no one. Although she had been offered the chance at PR rep for the Libertarian Party back in June, this offer was hesitantly declined, as Aerofluff did not wish to relinquish her ability to speak her mind as an individual, as opposed to representing the party when she spoke, which her controversial opinions might reflect upon. Political correctness is something that, while necessary for politicians, Aerofluff herself most certainly will never be interested in. It is readily apparent that she has absolutely no political aspirations at all.

As of Day 745, Aerofluff regretfully parted ways with the Libertarian Party, after their implementation of a Libertarian Party Steering Committee and party constitution. Considering this system to be undemocratic, inherently flawed and antithetical to her values, Aerofluff has since opted to remain without a party, finding most other parties to be unsuitable. Roughly around Day 850, she only briefly resurfaced amid Libertarian politics to support Claire Littleton's return with the promise of abolishing the Steering Committee. Despite the initial uproar, the Libertarian party decided to keep a less-controlling form of Steering Committee and, among other reasons, Aerofluff decided against returning on a more permanent basis.

We The People

Sometime around Day 2,000 (after a long hiatus and returning to activity), Aerofluff became a member of We The People.

Military Service

Aerofluff began her career in what was then called the Home Guard Second Division, Fourth Platoon, the Training Corps which was at the time under the command of then-Lieutenant Angelini, back in April 2009. She had been stationed in Florida as a member of the United States Home Guard, Bravo Company, 1st Platoon. As of the massive reorganization which transitioned back to the National Guard in February 2010, Aerofluff was briefly placed in M1 Platoon, until her more recent decision to depart from the US military entirely in late March 2010. Finding private militias to be far more flexible while still providing the ability to significantly impact key battles, Aerofluff signed up with Josh Frost's new SEAL Team 7, which had higher Strength/rank requirements than its successful predecessor.

Military History: Day 541

While the majority of her military career has been defending the homeland, Aerofluff has taken part in several overseas operations. Prior to Scrabman's commencement of operations on Day 541, Aerofluff was contacted by the Central Intelligence Agency for classified voter operations in Russia, and was deployed overseas in a covert PTO attempt that is still largely unknown to this day. Shortly after the unsuccessful PTO attempt, on day 541, Aerofluff took part in the attack on Far Eastern Russia. Although America alone attacked Russia and activated its' MPP's, this was coordinated in a joint effort with allied ATLANTIS nations in an attempt to alleviate pressure on Romanian-occupied regions that PEACE was attacking. In Far Eastern Russia, America's damage neared ~780,000, whereas the entirety of PEACE successfully defended with ~810,000.

This event was followed not long after by ATLANTIS-members Sweden/Poland's joint move against ATLANTIS trial-member Germany, with the intent of capturing high-Grain regions. While recognizing Sweden as a valuable ally, Aerofluff vocally disapproved of holding old grudges against Germany which could become a new ally rather than alienating them, and instead would have preferred for the US to take a neutral stance and levy a significant fine against Sweden/Poland, much like what ATLANTIS did to America after Operation Taco Bell (in which the USA attacked Mexico). Inconsistent with the past precedence for this event, this was not done, and Germany was saved by PEACE and today harbors ill will toward America for looking the other way. Aerofluff believes these actions by Sweden and Poland to have been the final event that broke ATLANTIS. Despite her orders not to fight for Germany under threat of being ejected from the military, then-President Scrabman himself ignored his own orders and fought for Germany, and later on renewed our alliance with Sweden.

Military History: Operation Turkish Delight

As a proponent of freeing oppressed peoples and feeling that this opportunity was not something she could pass up, Aerofluff took it upon herself to assist other mobile units in the liberation of Greece and Israel that took part on June 11th, cutting a swathe through Turkey-occupied regions in what was aptly named Operation Turkish Delight. Her Moving Ticket company was also utilized to provide free transit for her military employees if needed, as part of her military-friendly worker incentive that is almost always available during wartime.

Military History: PEACE Invasion

The attacks started in July '09 on Day 601, with France besieging Nova Scotia. Aerofluff has been vigorously attempting to repel the PEACE attacks both on American soil and that of our Canadian allies, but what seemed like a small initial incursion has become a massive invasion of multiple PEACE nations, with Russia attacking Alaska and working their way in, and Indonesia's capture of California and forcing their way eastward. America's allies made many bold moves on our behalf, Spain attacking France and North Korea attacking Russia in attempts to block further PEACE offensives. While this bought America and Canada precious time to reorganize, North Korea's brave attempt became a noble sacrifice as PEACE retaliated by conquering their tiny country. The foreign capture of many states by the end of July marked a sorrowful day, as Commandant of the Marines and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Eugene Harlot resigned, citing responsibility for America's losses.

On Day 625 (Aug 6th), Indonesia regettably forced America to make a hard decision... in the end, capturing Texas not for lack of American defense, but that official military orders had been to defend the final Canadian bastion of Ontario instead. Also on Day 625, the attack upon Aerofluff's home state of Louisiana began and was already thousands in the negative in the first opening hours, as the Ontario battle still raged on at the time and we paid the steep price of three other American states that were also ignored and lost.
Like many Americans, Aerofluff steadfastly opposed any peace treaty with PEACE, preferring to go down in a blaze of glory and lose everything, than have lost pride, which is what PEACE was truly after at the time. Proving wiser, on Day 643 America struck back at Indonesia-conquered Alabama and reclaimed it, marched on to boldly retake Louisiana (Aerofluff's home state), and continue on to recapture Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. With Louisiana's recapture, Aerofluff was able to secure her lost company there, and Aeroflights International resumed operations once more. Eventually, Aerofluff saw the reclamation of all American states, pushing out all PEACE invaders from both U.S. and Canadian soil.
Shortly thereafter on Day 722, as an addendum, PEACE began hemorraghing members, met with cries 'round the world of PEACE's fall. Founding countries Italy and Indonesia both withdrew from PEACE, as Ukraine had done.

Military History: The Three Pillars

Aerofluff participated in the attack on Kyushu, Japan, when they initially refused to region-swap so America could enter into Asia in order to liberate China and India. After pushing inward, Aerofluff also participated in the attacks upon key regions Liaoning on Day 770, as well as Heilongjiang and Karnataka. After the deal with India in which America would be permitted to keep Karnataka, Aerofluff moved to this region in order to increase its defenses.

Military History: SEAL Team 7

Somewhere during the transition from Home Guard to National Guard in late March 2010, Aerofluff was finding it difficult to keep from slipping into the disinterested 2-clicker mentality. Deciding to change things up and regain control of her e-life, she resigned from the stagnating Guard that didn't receive much funding for guns at that time. In a last attempt to keep things interesting amid dull times, Aerofluff enlisted for the newly created SEAL Team 7. She has deployed on every single operation since its inception. This move proved fortuitous, as battles began cropping up all over the world and Aerofluff was able to deploy and take part in key locations.
SEAL Team 7 was merged with SEAL Team 6 for a variety of reasons (roughly around Day 890), and Aerofluff was transferred to the Wildcats division.
Some time after, Aerofluff went into temporary retirement (quit eRepublik).

Military History: World War VI

Roughly around Day 2,000, Aerofluff returned just in time to take part in World War VI, and CoT came together to defend Mexico and Russia in a spectacular display of successful unity despite Romania's failed usage of an airstrike. With Serbia invading from North Carolina down to Georgia, Aerofluff aided in reclaiming American soil.


Aerofluff has been awarded the following medals:
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 13x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 19x Super Soldier
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 7x True Patriot