World War VI

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World War VI
Map of World War VI
Date May 25, 2013 –
November 3, 2013
Location Global
Result CoT dissolved
Territorial Changes Lots, changing rapidly
Flag-TWO.png TWO/ACT

Flag-CoT.png CoT

World War VI began on May 25th, 2013 with Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia, a member of TWO, declaring war on Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland, a member of CoT [1]. These two alliances are the main belligerents, with many small alliances taking sides.


After the fall of EDEN, tensions rose between CoT and TWO, alliances that originally had been allied against EDEN. Without a common enemy, and with former EDEN members seeking new allies, war became inevitable. The acceptance of the eUSA into CoT proved to be the beginning of the end for the CoTWO alliance, as the US continued to be hostile towards TWO nations and was regarded by Serbia as their number 1 foe. The movement of Romania into TWO's sphere of influence provoked anger from the Bulgarians, as well as internal strife in several TWO countries, in particular Spain, the UK, and Hungary. Following that, Romania settled quite handily into the TWO military structure. To the north, Lithuania, a member of CoT, left the alliance and joined ACT.

The smaller alliances also quickly chose sides in the conflict. Asgard, an alliance which had been engaged in a war with the now defunct Alliance of Baltic Counties, which merged into ACT, sided with CoT. NaN refused to pick a side despite being frequently occupied by CoT nations leading to Australia leaving the alliance and joining ACT.

The war initiated in Europe, but has continued to spread to North and South America, eventually reaching a global scale.


Main articles: TWO, Circle of Trust, and World War V

1. Breakup of EDEN: Prior to WW6, there was an unnamed, worldwide conflict against EDEN launched by TWO and CoT, who had allied against a common enemy. After about a year of co-operation, EDEN finally dissolved as a result of disunity between members, an ineffective HQ, and an almost un-interrupted string of defeats by CoTWO. Almost immediately, TWO and CoT became more distant, as each alliance absorbed EDEN and EDEN supporting countries into their damage pool. It became inevitable that a war would occur, as there has never been a time where the two biggest alliances and their client alliances did not go to war eventually. A cold war was brewing.

2. USA-AIM: What would prove to be one of the biggest causes of the war was initially a celebration of EDEN. After EDEN formally dissolved, pro-EDEN countries supported RWs in Polish and Spanish territories. Out of this, the USA-AIM project was conceived. The goal was to support RWs in Spanish, Serbian and Polish regions, disrupting trade and making TWO waste damage. This situation became a major annoyance for the major powers of TWO.

3. AMP PTO: For several months prior, the US had been at risk of a PTO by the AFA. Through controlled elections, the threat was contained for many months, and indeed, appeared to be winding down somewhat. However, in the May Congress elections, the leader of the AMP revealed himself to be a Serbian sleeper agent who rose up through the ranks of the AMP over several months. Although the anti-PTOers were able to keep the AMP and AFA from getting too many congressmen, the situation resulted in much anger towards TWO, and in particular Serbia. In response, a NE was launched by eUS congressmen at Serbia, starting the war.

4. Acceptance of the USA into CoT: The United States was seen as the long term enemy of Serbia and TWO. Their acceptance into Circle of Trust was seen by the entire alliance as a betrayal of the co-operation and the opening moves in the conflict that would soon erupt across the world.

Theatres of Operation

The war would cross continental borders, first beginning in Europe, but shortly thereafter would spread to the Americas and Asia.


The war began in Europe with Slovenia attacking Switzerland. Italy, a neutral country took advantage of the situation and started Resistance Wars against Slovenian occupied territory. Seeing the opportunity, CoT quickly backed Italy, hoping to take pressure off of Switzerland. With tensions between TWO and CoT already high, the war was about to begin.

Northern - Eastern Europe

With the war breaking out in the west, TWO and CoT members of Eastern Europe quickly became involved. Icon-Hungary.png Hungary declared war on Icon-Russia.png Russia. Seeking to aid their TWO allies, Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania and Icon-Latvia.png Latvia declared war on Russia as well. Sensing that their allies needed help Icon-Germany.png Germany became involved, declaring war on Lithuania. In response to this the Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom declared war on Germany leading a full-scale invasion of the nation. A full out war was beginning to break out in Europe.

Before the war officially began, Lithuania alongside Latvia and Estonia (formerly known as ABC) launched attacks on Asgard members Sweden and Finland on multiple occasions. In retaliation Sweden declared war on Lithuania to help Russia (Sweden and Norway had rental agreements on core Swedish and Norwegian regions prior the war)


Greece, now Pro-TWO since leaving EDEN established dominance over Macedonian and Bulgarian regions, potentially ending the never-ending Balkan wars. Romania, also Pro-TWO proposed an airstrike on Mexico, seeking to aid their allies in South America and to set up for a potential four way invasion of the USA. (Hungary from Russia, Serbia/Poland/Spain from Europe/Canada and Romania from Mexico.) In a worldwide resistance campaign, France, Italy, Croatia, USA, and Bosnia and Herzegovina started resistance wars in Serbian-occupied Aquitaine, Basilicata, Federation of BiH,North Dalmatia, and Louisiana, freeing all regions. This would set the stage for the CoT invasion of Serbia.


East and Southeast Asia

China and Indonesia have training war. China has not aligned with either CoT or TWO and declared neutrality.
Before the war Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan) (then EDEN member) had wars with South Korea and Japan during late 2012 and early 2013. Due to these wars, Taiwan sided with TWO. Shortly after their part in the TWO invasion of North America, Thailand conquered Singapore and a Malaysian territory. On July 21, 2013, Day 2,070, Icon-Australia.png Australia attacked Queensland, Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia, therefore beginning the TWO invasion of Indonesia alongside an Airstrike launched by the United Kingdom. Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan launched an Airstrike and conquered Sabah after Malay resistance liberated it from the United Kingdom. Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) launched an Airstrike and successfully conquered Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand (part of TWO invasion of Indonesia) in order to escape the Balkans trap. On October 1, 2013, Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) declared Icon-Argentina.png Argentina a Natural enemy, and begins the Macedonia-Argentina War ending with the total wipe of Macedonia again.

Middle East

CoT members Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria and Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), who had moved their capitals to the Middle East due to the seeking of bigger bonuses, experienced attacks by Turkey. Turkey attacked Macedonia through Iran and the United Arab Emirates, who were also at war with Macedonia prior the war. Meanwhile, Indonesia's airstrike in Iran failed due to TWO's support in the battle. A few weeks later, Greece declared a Natural enemy on Bulgaria, and conquered its' Egyptian territories. After Chile Airstriked Varna, Bulgaria freed Ruse and Burgas via Resistance Wars. However, Turkey, once again, declared war on Bulgaria, and conquering Burgas.

South Asia

Icon-India.png India had been occupied by Icon-Croatia.png Croatia for about 1 year by September 2013. Icon-Albania.png Albania and Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina had also been occupying India to escape from Icon-Serbia.png Serbia in Europe. However, India is a pro-CoT nation. India then asks Bosnia to let go of some Indian regions so India can get congress for the month. Bosnia refuses. Because of this, India retaliated against Bosnia, eventually wiping Bosnia out of India. In an instant, India switched from pro-CoT to pro-TWO.


North America

Icon-USA.png USA decided to defend its ally and declared war on Icon-Serbia.png Serbia in response to the official declaration of the World War by Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia against Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland. Serbia was defeated in the first Serbian-American War, and was pushed back to Europe.

After the defeat of Icon-Russia.png Russia, Icon-Hungary.png Hungary attacked USA with the help of TWO members, as such USA was facing a 8 front war on Day 2035 of the New World.

Icon-Colombia.png Colombia was attacked by Icon-Mexico.png Mexico since the war began.In retaliation, Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan), Icon-Thailand.png Thailand joined in the counter-attack against Mexico and occupied Mexico from day 2040 of the New World.

As TWO invaded North America via 7 nations - United Kingdom, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Thailand, Taiwan and Montenegro, resistance wars would free a region, but usually in a day, Serbia, Poland, or Hungary would conquer that region. After the final USA region, New Hampshire was conquered by Poland on the 14th July 2013, the whole continent was conquered by TWO. However, the wipe wouldn't last long, as although Mexico was occupied by Thailand, Taiwan, and Columbia, the Mexicans liberated the Gulf Coast, and rid Thailand from North America. Then, a liberation campaign sprung up in the USA, freeing Texas for 2 days. However, in a nutshell, the president Paul Proteus decided to try and free Mexico in a failed operation; while at that time, Serbia re-conquered Texas. However, the USA helped pour damage in Louisiana, as they freed it. Then, another liberation campaign sprung up in Texas, as people also poured damage.

A few days later, Mexico freed Baja and made North America with 3 regions not occupied by TWO (Louisiana, Texas, and Baja); however, the (RoC) Taiwan reconquered Baja, while Serbia regained their conquered territories and in a instant, North America was in the hands of TWO.

However, 3-5 days later, Mexico freed the Gulf of Mexico, Oaxaca, and Southeast of Mexico. This gave Mexico a opportunity to attack Columbia, in South America.

On Day 2096, the USA, Mexico, and Russia launched a joint campaign to eject Hungary from North America and Russia, respectivly. This set up the CoT invasion of Hungary.

On day 2157, the USA, Spain, and Poland signed an agreement ending the spoland occupation of the USA. This agreement restored the regions of the USA minus a buffer zone along the Atlantic coast of the US. The treaty went into effect on day 2158, with the cessation of the first American region by Poland. The treaty effectively ended official hostilities between the United States and TWO.

South America

A lot of wars were going on in South America. First, Argentina and Chile dueled each other to their capitals; it was so big, some fighting even spread into Australia and South Africa. Then, Argentina and Uruguay started a joint campaign to conquer Brazil by having Argentina go up into the Amazonian regions, while Uruguay invaded Brazil's colonies in South Africa. It resulted in a 5-day wipe of Brazil. Also, Paraguay started a invasion of Bolivia, after hostile actions in-game. On July 17th, Mexico and Peru started a joint campaign to cut off Columbia from it's capital. The Mexicans attacked Caribe e Insular from Southeast of Mexico, and succeeded, while on the other hand, Peru's attack on Amazonica failed, and got attacked. Meanwhile, Mexico conquered Andina, before being repelled from Amazonica. On the same day, Chile Airstriked Varna, which was occupied by Romania.

Dissolution of Circle of Trust

On Day 2175 Chile formally left Circle of Trust quickly followed by the official dissolution of the alliance as every nation voted to end the alliance admitting defeat to TWO.