Brigate Partigiane

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Brigate Partigiane

Brigate Partigiane.jpg

World Revolution!

General Information
Disbanded Unknown
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Region Northern Bohemia
Colors Red
Type Paramilitary unit
Part of Red Army

The Brigate Partigiane (Eng. Partisan brigade) was the paramilitary wing of the Italian political party Partito Comunista Eitaliano, and consequently, it's formed just by members of it.

The militia fights against the imperialism and fundamentalism itself principally on its ideal of freedom. The unit counted on its ranks with 6 Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshals and 4 Icon General.jpg V1 Generals.

The commander of the brigade was Feffo.


The militia has 2 allies:


The brigade until now has taken part on the following battles:


It is unsure when the unit ceased to exist, however, in the newer age a party with similar name re-appeared on the scene: Brigata Partigiana Jovan