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Action of Elite Croatian army called ZDRUG, in which Icon-Croatia.png Croatia took over Icon-Serbia.png Serbia and took 5 of 7 regions without fighting is known as Days of wrath (Serbian: Дани гнева, Croatian: Dani Gnjeva). The Croatian army initiated action on the initiative of the then former President of Croatia - Roby Petric. The reason for the war was the alleged attack on the president of Croatia - Split1700 supposedly carried out by the Serbian government. There is still a controversy over whether Serbian officials created multiple accounts and sent donations to Split1700 in order to get him banned.

Before the first congressional elections in Serbia, three parties were formed: Patriotska Stranka Srbije (PSS), Srpsko Kosovo (ENG: Serbian Kosovo - a tongue-in-cheek name, which along with a Santa Claus avatar served to provoke Serbs) and Radikalna Partija Srbije (ENG: Radical Party of Serbia - an homage to a real-life far-right radical party in Serbia). The first was the sole Serbian party, the second was a Croatian party and the other represents Icon-Iran.png Iranian foreign interests.

Leading up to the elections there was a sea of conflicting information in the media. The Croats used propaganda to confuse, provoke and divide the Serbs which culminated in the renaming of their party into "Patriotska Stranka Srbije." - exactly the same name as the Serbian party, but with an appended dot and accusing the real PSS of being a Croatian TO party. The admins later deemed to be against the rules banning the party and BorKan, its president. The comments were full of arguments, provocations, national tension (real-life Serbia and Croatia have a history of ethnic conflicts in the 20th century), outright hatred and flame. In essence the Croats trolled the Serbs in order to get them to either get banned for flaming them in return or to at least divert their attention from mounting an effective defense against the TO. The tactic proved at least moderately effective, as events would show.

The PSS won the first Congress elections by a slim margin: 22 Serbian seats vs 18 Croatian (the Radical party didn't actively participate in the elections for unknown reasons). This was not enough to prevent a TO in the presidential elections. The Serbian candidate was Matija, while the Croatian party was renamed to Stranka Stamenih Hrvata, and had BorKan as their candidate. While there were only around 200 eligible Serbian voters on 25th February, this number grew to approximately 500 by the 5th of March and the next elections. This meant that the Serbs could most likely win the elections on their own instead of relying heavily on foreign aid as in the first elections.

During the first several hours Matija was on his way to a landslide victory with over 200 votes to his name. But then he was permanently banned by the admins for an insulting private message he sent to Sucko (a member of Zdrug) as a response to a trolling message. At 7:00 AM (eRepublik time) Matija was banned leaving BorKan as the only candidate to the dismay of the Serbian population. Despite open letters and petitions in the eRepublik forum and pleads to admins the decision was not overturned, and the incredibly unfortunate timing for the Serbian side has left many wondering whether the admins were biased or the Croatians timed the report against Matija to accomplish this.

BorKan won the elections on default, the Serbs didn't have a 66% majority in congress to impeach him, and soon lost the 50% majority due to bans (Matija was a congress member as well, two others were banned as well), people leaving the congress due to political infighting or leaving the game. The minimum wage was raised to 5 Serbian Dinars (RSD) which alongside the monetary attacks served to economically weaken Serbia in preparations for impending Croatia-Serbia War. During the course of the war, BorKan attacked Croatia in order to activate 6 Croatian MPPs, then retreated in 4 regions, while the 5th fell as a result of regular battle (or the lack of it). Serbia was reduced to just two of its original seven regions, and with an active war with Croatia and its ATLANTIS allies represented nothing more than a cheap war game for Atlantis.

The commander of "days of worth" was former Croatian president Roby Petric. After few weeks, BorKan was impeached, and after new elections president of Serbia became Lipec. Lipec carried out an operation dubbed "The Brave Little Tailor" to prevent future actions from Croatian army. He has declared war with Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria and retreated from battles. Serbia was fully occupied by Bulgaria. After 2 days, a RW started in Sumadija, and after 2 weeks RW started in Southern Serbia. Serbs have got 2 regions again and war with Croatia was over. This action was a result of cooperation between the Serbian army, Bulgarian army and army of PEACE Global Community.


Dani gnjeva hrvatske vojske (Croatian Army Days of wrath)