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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth Jul 30, 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence Smaland
Newspaper Folkhemsfaderns Ord
Congress member of Sweden
Congress member of Thailand
Party president of Thai Nation Together
16 January 2009 – 2009
Party president of The Social Democratic Party
7 April 2009 – 2009
Congress member of North Korea
Party president of The North Korean Workers Party
Congress member of Slovakia
Party president of Folkhemsdemokraterna
15 December 2009 – 2010
Preceded by Red Hank
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen account suspended for usage of multiple accounts

Defenestration was a prominent left-wing politician and 11 times a congressman that was born during the beta time.

A Former member of the Communist Party - Soviet Union

Founder of The Social Democratic Party in Thailand, The North Korean Workers Party in North Korea and one of the founders of the internationale,

Defenestration was Party president of the new party Folkhemsdemokraterna in Sweden

When North Korea fell to the Russian invaders Defenestration returned to his home in Sweden, where he hadn't been since the beta. Once there he joined the party Folket but after a while he came to the conclusion that the communist/socialist movement in Sweden as well as in the rest of the world had gone quite wrong since the glory days of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party - Soviet Union

Defenestration then formed the party Folkhemsdemokraterna along with Red Hank and Per-Fredrik and started working to reform the socialist movement in a more pragmatic way.

Personal History

Defenestration started out as a Sweden citizen sometime around June 2008. During the beta-version time, he wasn’t very active, but when the v1 came he started to get more engaged into the politics of eRepublik.

When Russia was liberated (then called the Soviet Union) he moved there and reportedly was very positively surprised of the experience. After having fought against the Romanian imperialists, and after Russia had been conquered he moved to Thailand, richer for the experience, and with brewing ideas of how to make eRepublik a more fun game.

Views on eRepublik

On the 8th of February 2009 Defenestration posted the following article where he discusses what the meaning of eRepublik is, and why, in the face of what can actually be done in the game to make it funny, politics mean very different things in the real world as opposed to what they mean in eRepublik.

The Soviet Article

Right. People. Just answer me this real quickly: what is the point of this game?
Is it to get massive amounts of gold?
I never dig understood that, but some people might think that. I’d say they are wasting their time. I mean, they could go farming on WoW and have a hell of a lot better a time.
Is it to start and win wars?
Well, once again - what’s the point? There is a thousand, no, millions, of games where you can do that in a much more fun way.
So what is the point of this game?
The description says “online social strategy game” and that gives us a hint doesn’t it? We are supposed to create big organizations and movements that transcend the game. Indeed - we have to do that. Because let’s face it: the game itself sucks. Really, really hard. During the beta version, people where much better at transcending the limits of the game; SOs where created and lines of command were set up etc. So, after about 6 months the admins made some of those things a real part of the game. And here we stand. With nothing to do.
The most fun I ever had in this game was when I moved to the Soviet Union just as it had been liberated.
Yes, you heard me - the Soviet Union.
And let me tell you why: Politics doesn’t mean the same in the real world as they do here. I won’t get into any argument about the values of a completely free market in the real world vs. a regulated one - in any event it has nothing to do with this game.
What happened in the eRepublik Soviet Union was that a very simple and yet genius system for direct democratic rule was introduced. The “Communist Party - Soviet Union” owned most of the companies in the country, and the people running them was all elected through polls on the party’s homepage (an external homepage like the eThai forum) - as was all other officials and minor positions within the virtual organizations (such as the propaganda ministry etc) that developed. It was great fun!
Do you know the reason for this? The reason is that when the Soviet Union was around, this game finally lived up to it’s full potential, and it transcended it’s boundaries - we were a group of individuals around the world who came together and felt that we created and was a part of something together.
Now. There will inevitably be someone who will comment negatively on account of me speaking positively of the “Communist Party - Soviet Union” - and they will say things like “tyrants” and “damned commies” and stuff like that.
And the people who do- are idiots. You can’t mistake the real world for eRepublik - and in eRepublik, the CPSU has been one of the best and funniest things that has happened to this game.
What’s my point with all this? We need to do something new. I am asking the political establishment of Thailand directly: What do you want with this game?

Humbly yours

Reforming the Socialist/communist movement

Initially Defenestration returned to Sweden with the intent of working with the Far-left party Folket to help further the socialist cause. However, though it seemed that Folket had been reformed in a more pragmatic and less extremist way as opposed to what it had been before during the MSAP time, Defenestration soon realized that this wasn’t really the case.

It was a hard choice for Defenestration to make but with his massive experience of the socialist movement in eRepblik, founding and working with several left-wing parties, the new internationale and much more, he finally saw that the only thing to do was to reform the movement completely.

The socialist movement during the communist Party – Soviet Union time had been a movement that had real ways of reforming eRepublik and creating a more fun gaming experience for everyone, but since the glory days the decline had become all the more obvious.

New players more and more confused IRL socialism with eSocialism and in many cased the movement had been reduced to the mindless screaming of slogans and spreading hatred towards the right-wing.

This was not something that Defenestration could longer bear to be a part of, and this was the reason he decided to take part in the formation of a new movement, symbolized by the creation of the party Folkhemsdemokraterna.

Defenestration quite simply sat down and started studying his old comrade HateBots policies and analysis of eRepublik from back in the days of the Soviet Union. HateBot had realized a system that broke the boundaries of eRepublik and created an alternative to the ever-degenerative free-market system.

The GOSPLAN system created by comrade HateBot had, admittedly, not been perfect, and so Defenestration set about creating a variant of the system that would keep the upsides and minimize the downsides of the GOSPLAN.

He came up with the system called eCooperativism, drawn from both his experience in North Korea and the lessons learned by comrade HateBot.

While Defenestration now has to battle with the anger from the far-left wing proclaiming him a traitor to the “cause” as well as the daunting task of trying to gain broad support for a complex analysis of the gamin-mechanics and trying to bring to reality a real alternative the status quo that has dominated international politics and economics since the beta-period Defenestration still embraces the task, knowing it to be the only way in which change can really come about.

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