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Johnathon Brown

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
National rank 296
Date of birth 31st May, 2009
Date of death March 2010
Residence Western Australia
Sex Male
Deputy Minister of Immigration, Customs and Security of Australia
5th September, 2009 – 5th October 2009
Preceded by Patrick Reckitt
Deputy Minister of Defence of Australia
5th August, 2009 – 5th September, 2009
Succeeded by Iwarrior1
Senator of Australia
25th July, 2009 – 20 November 2009 (est)
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Johnathon Brown was born on the 31st May, 2009 in Queensland, Australia.

He has currently returned from a brief period of leave from erepublik due to his disgust at the then current Australia. He is hopeful and is looking forward to serving Australia once again.


Johnathon Brown came to the game 31st May, 2009 in Queensland. He joined the New World not understanding much, but at the time just after the Queensland Resistance War. He worked regularly and trained every day. At level 5, he advanced quickly with war games and gained knowledge the whole time. Some of his mentors were Ranger Bob, Tim09, Aussie Vegeta, Srg91 and Cerridwen Voeland. He has not been overseas in his Life but has committed himself to the betterment of Australia.

Political Career

Johnathon Brown started his career in politics by firstly joining Australian Democratic Socialist Party (ADSP). He learned many things about politics there from the then Party president, Aussie Vegeta. After being taught many things, for the first time, he became a senator in Tasmania. There he learned much about politics and successfully began as a true politician. He then began as a senate trainee in the Defence Department under the tutelage of Ranger Bob and Scotywest to learn about cabinet and the Defence Ministry.

In the next term, he once again became a senator under the Australian Communist Party and proposed his first amendment which was passed. He also, for the first time became a Deputy Defence minister under Ezekiel Thomas. Through that he finished off learning the works of cabinet and began to work in his job thoroughly and properly.

For his second senate term, he left ADSP for a change and wanted to meet some new people with more of his ideals. He next choice was the Australian Communist Party(ACP), which shared his communist ideas and political stance. He met many new people such as Dean Kong and Garven Dreis. For the next month he worked in ACP to build up his political career and work build ACP into a stronger party.

In September 2009 he served as the deputy Minister of Immigration, Customs and Security and left ACP to join the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to run for Party president. He was also a member of Australian Military Party.


Johnathon Brown has been involved with Cabinet for many months. He first became a member of the Australian Cabinet in August 2009. In August, he was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Defence, a position he maintained until the new cabinet term began on September 06. From September 06, 2009 until October 05, 2009, Johnathon Brown served as the Deputy Minister of Immigration.

Economic Career

Johnathon Brown's economic career when he met with Johnny Citizen and bought a Q2 Food company for his organization, Typeride Inc once getting a loan from commonwealth bank. The company ran well and he learned the tricks and tips of a General Managers trade. He found himself in the midst of running a company and was having much fun with it.

Unluckily, his company went bust a few months later and Johnathon Brown sold it to Newt Gingrich. He then was out of the company race for a while but was eager to start again and bought a Mexican Oil company which who used to net some extra gold before selling.

He also ran a Housing company Typeride Flats and a Weapons company Typeride Weapons but sold them off after choosing to leave

Media Career

Johnathon Brown began work in a news career after starting his newspaper, The JohnathonB Report. He got the idea from ANN News by Preditorian and began his first article which got over 50 votes. He is looking to begin that legacy again after his return.

New Beginnings

After leaving right before the PM elections which Cozza won, he decided to return in February to see how things have changed. He received a warm welcome and has decided to jump right back into the game.