EPartidul Managerilor Romani

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ePartidul Managerilor Romani

General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Abbreviation ePMR
Forum Forum
Founded 2008
Dissolved  ?
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Partidul Managerilor din Romania
Succeeded By Partidul Melcilor Albastri
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

ePartidul Managerilor Romani was the fifth largest (November 2009) political party in Romania, counting around 200 members. Its original name was Partidul Managerilor din Romania. The party orientation was Center-Right, but sometime in 2009 it was changed to the pure Center.

Party presidents

This is the list of known Party presidents:

Party Leader Mandate Start Mandate End Note
MickeyD October 16th 2009 November 15th 2009
redbooll21 November 16th 2008 December 28th 2009 Resigned on the beginning of the second term
Pan Halippa December 28th 2009 January 15th 2009 Interim
Bogdan T January 16th 2009 February 15th 2009
Luhter February 16th 2009 March 15th 2009
Stefan cel Mare March 16th 2009 April 15th 2009
wwwasea April 16th 2009 June 15th 2009
Athena the Goddess June 16th 2009 August 15th 2009
Crazy Man August 16th 2009 November 15th 2009
Fish Face November 16th 2009 December 15th 2009
OchiReci December 16th 2009 January 15th 2010
Mariusell January 16th 2010 February 15th 2010
dana2005 February 16th 2010 March 15th 2010
Dooten March 16th 2010 April 15th 2010
Bogdan Adamutz April 16th 2010 May 15th 2010
dorin4ever May 16th 2010 June 15th 2010
daucuparul June 16th 2010 July 15th 2010
Reculla July 16th 2010 August 15th 2010
bogd4n93 August 16th 2010 September 15th 2010
cata055 September 16th 2010 October 15th 2010

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