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Map of Europe
Countries 35

Europe is a continent in eRepublik that commands the vast majority of the New World's countries, and has been the scene of numerous conflicts, including many World Wars. It is defined as the area stretching from Ireland in the West, to the border with Western Russia and in the South-East, Western Turkey.

Countries in Europe

According to the eRepublik API [1], the following countries are all in the eEuropean continent:

Western and Northern Europe


Central and Eastern Europe (and Balkans)



Below are nations in Europe with its alliance.

Country Logo Alliance
Icon-Albania.png Albania - -
Icon-Austria.png Austria Flag-Nebula.png Nebula
Icon-Belarus.png Belarus - -
Icon-Belgium.png Belgium Flag-P.L.U.T.O..jpg P.L.U.T.O.
Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina - -
Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria - -
Icon-Croatia.png Croatia Flag-Adriatica.png Adriatica
Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus Flag-Adriatica.png Adriatica
Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic Flag-Nebula.png Nebula
Icon-Denmark.png Denmark - -
Icon-Estonia.png Estonia - -
Icon-France.png France Flag-Orion.jpg Orion
Icon-Finland.png Finland Flag-Pacifica.jpg Pacifica
Icon-Germany.png Germany - -
Icon-Greece.png Greece Flag-Syndicate.jpg Syndicate
Icon-Hungary.png Hungary Flag-Pacifica.jpg Pacifica
Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Flag-Adriatica.png Adriatica
Icon-Italy.png Italy Flag-Adriatica.png Adriatica
Icon-Latvia.png Latvia Flag-Pacifica.jpg Pacifica
Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania Flag-Orion.jpg Orion
Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro Flag-Nebula.png Nebula
Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands Flag-Orion.jpg Orion
Icon-Norway.png Norway
Icon-Poland.png Poland Flag-Pacifica.jpg Pacifica
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal Flag-Asteria.png Asteria
Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) - -
Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova - -
Icon-Romania.png Romania Flag-Asteria.png Asteria
Icon-Russia.png Russia Flag-Pacifica.jpg Pacifica
Icon-Serbia.png Serbia Flag-Asteria.png Asteria
Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia - -
Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia Flag-Asteria.png Asteria
Icon-Spain.png Spain Flag-P.L.U.T.O..jpg P.L.U.T.O.
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Flag-Pacifica.jpg Pacifica
Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland - -
Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine - -
Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Flag-P.L.U.T.O..jpg P.L.U.T.O.


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