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Flag of Adriatica
Map of Adriatica
Formation March 28, 2016[1]
(Day 3051 of the New World)
Dissolution April 25, 2017
(Day 3444 of the New World)
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Members 8

Adriatica was a military alliance founded by Icon-Croatia.png Croatia on March 28th, 2016.

It was started with the idea of joining anti-Asteria countries, however, within few months all major members (including Croatia and Icon-Chile.png Chile) left to join Syndicate. Several small countries joined afterwards.

The alliance was disbanded on April 25, 2017, soon after Syndicate had been dissolved.


On March 28, 2016 (Day 3051 of the New World) Adriatica was founded by Icon-Croatia.png Croatia.

Country Date Day Decision
Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela March 29, 2016 3052 Joined
Icon-Thailand.png Thailand April 5, 2016 3059 Joined
Icon-Georgia.png Georgia April 5, 2016 3059 Joined
Icon-Italy.png Italy April 11, 2016 3065 Joined
Icon-Albania.png Albania April 24, 2016 3078 Joined
Icon-Chile.png Chile April 26, 2016 3080 Joined
Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus May 1, 2016 3085 Joined
Icon-Ireland.png Ireland May 7, 2016 3091 Joined
Icon-Mexico.png Mexico May 11, 2016 3095 Joined
Icon-Albania.png Albania May 14, 2016 3098 Left[2]
Icon-Thailand.png Thailand August 6, 2016 3182 Left[3]
Icon-Ireland.png Ireland August 17, 2016 3193 Left[4]

All time alliance membership

Alliance members (red)

Alliance leadership (HQ)

Last known leadership of Adriatica:

Position Citizen
Secretary General (SG) Icon-Georgia.png Sebastian Vettell
Deputy Secretary General (dSG) Icon-Croatia.png Melvinovicz
Icon-Chile.png Yosemite Sam01
Supreme Commander (SC) Icon-Italy.png Inept Punisher
Public Relations Director (PR) Icon-Croatia.png HisAirness