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Portugues BrasileiroIcon-Brazil.png
Flag of Syndicate
Map of Syndicate
Formation May 11, 2016[1]
Dissolution April 27, 2017[2]
Type Military alliance
Members 8
Newspaper Diario de Esparcimiento

Syndicate was a military alliance founded by Icon-Argentina.png Argentina, Icon-Brazil.png Brazil, Icon-Greece.png Greece and Icon-Turkey.png Turkey on May 11, 2016 (day 3095). It was founded as an anti-Asteria alliance. Alliance was disbanded on April 27, 2017[3].


On May 11, 2016 (day 3095) Syndicate was founded by Icon-Argentina.png Argentina, Icon-Brazil.png Brazil, Icon-Greece.png Greece and Icon-Turkey.png Turkey. The alliance was officially announced in game on May 11, 2016 by alliance Secretary General, VyC ARG[4]. On December 1st, 2016 (day 3299) Icon-Chile.png Chile, Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine and Icon-Italy.png Italy joined Syndicate.

Country Date Day Decision
Icon-Chile.png Chile December 1, 2016 3299 Joined
Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine December 1, 2016 3299 Joined
Icon-Italy.png Italy December 1, 2016 3299 Joined
Icon-Croatia.png Croatia December 24, 2016 3322 Joined


Member countries (orange)


May 2016

Position Citizen
Secretary General Icon-Argentina.png VyC ARG
Supreme Commander Icon-Turkey.png Cihan.
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Icon-Greece.png Ektonosiakos
Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs Icon-Brazil.png Dio Vigon

January 2017

Position Citizen
Secretary General Icon-Turkey.png tahaua
Deputy Secretary General Icon-Greece.png dimikala
Supreme Commander Icon-Chile.png Sathana
Deputy Supreme Commander Icon-Brazil.png Nino Stradivarius Victorius II
Icon-Ukraine.png Sole Survivor
Icon-Italy.png Italo.Balbo40
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Icon-Argentina.png VyC ARG


Syndicate is an alliance founded by very old friends working once more altogether. Our goals will be based on cooperation and coordination between all of us (and those who will come in the future). We will feel satisfied only if every member feels so. Syndicate is here to reconfirm those true friendships can be forged and maintained even in an uneven and not balanced environment where currency prevails to allegiance and tactics. We pledge into restoring balance on this virtual platform. We will be there to protect one another and punish those who have bullied their way into establishing a what has dominantly agreed a boring routine.

We hope fun on this game can spiral out of our flaming banners as we will be setting up a fire in the battlefields.

Partnership regulations

Founding Partners established Partnership Regulations for possible new members:

  • Every new member must be accepted by all founding members: Argentine, Turkey, Greece and Brazil.
  • The alliance can choose between giving the status of "Associated" or "Partners" to each requirement.