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The Early Croatian History

Croatian history begins in March of 2008.

First Arrivals - The 3rd month in 2008

The first Croats are born into the New World.

It is believed that one of the first Croatian citizens in eRepublik was Sulla.
One of the first Croatian citizens in eRepublik was Sulla

He lived in Germany. In his early life, he was not represented as a Croat and historical evidence barely mentions the fact that he was a Croat. Sulla left eRepublik after the fall of Germany. When Croatia appeared, Sulla returned briefly to eRepublik and donated Icon - Gold.gif 872 GOLD to Hrvatska narodna banka[1] (Croatian National Bank), before his final departure the New World.

The First Croatian Community - from 08th March 2008

The first real Croatian community appears in the UK.
Giovanni was the architect of a Croatian Community in eRepublik

Giovanni is a quiet man, not known by many citizens, but this man was the architect of the Croatian Community. He began advertising eRepublik, and has brought a great bunch of people into this world. Moreover, many of them are still here today!

Initially these Croats were in the same party in the United Kingdom, but later Giovanni founded the first Croatian Party - Croatian Unification Party (CUP) - which has been succeeded by the Free England Party. The Croatian community at that time numbered about 40 people, about half of them were active.

However, a few Croats such as Relic were not in the CUP, but worked for the UK and held a ministerial position. He also served 2 terms as Mayor. There were also other Croats living outside the UK, such as Zocky, Ja Netko, Hrvat.

Sulla was in Germany, and was elected The President of Germany on two occasions, (He became the first Croatian to be elected as President of a nation). After Germany’s defeat, Sulla moved to Greece, where he disappeared. Much later, he returned with the arrival of Croatia, he returned for a brief period but has disappeared - perhaps for the last time.

Giovanni continued advertising eRepublik ...
He was almost certainly the first Croat elected to a position of Mayor, (Mayor of Leeds). Early in the 5th month he organized the Croatian sub-forum in the UK Forum (we can say that this is the first Croatian forum) in which activity was not overly strong, 4-5 people had visited forum regularly.
New elections were held on 20th, on this day CUP achieved its single political victory - election for Sucko for the position of Mayor in the city of Namur.

...in United Kingdom

Icon-United Kingdom.png United KingdomIcon-Croatia.png Croatia
Important elections were held on the 1st June. Just before these elections, Giovanni left eRepublik. A number of Croat citizens followed Giovanni, and left eRepublik as well. Sucko automatically became the new Party President. On Election Day 1st June, (Croatian Unification Party) (CUP) won 3 seats in Congress and they were leading for some time. It is about this time that new Croatians arrive into Erepublik.

In USA there is a group of Croats lead by Roby Petric, in Germany Sulla and Zocky lead their small group, and Gotcha1234 is in Czech Republic. In Czech Republic, Croats formed a Croatian-Czech Rights Party. Even though there was only small number of Croats living in Erepublik, 4 Party Presidents were Croats.
Sucko (UK), zocky (Germany), Ja Netko (Czech Republic) and Roby Petric (USA).
That was a very good achievement, considering that there was relatively small number of Croats living in Erepublik.

in a City of Nelspruit (South Africa) Sucko was elected as a Mayor

Croats in UK lead by Sucko have moved into South Africa, Namur. South Africa became a home for Croats in Erepublik for next 3 months. In those three months Croats formed their own Government and had two Croatians elected presidents of the country.

...and in South Africa

Icon-South Africa.png South Africa Icon-Croatia.png Croatia
It is 20th August, an Election Day in Erepublik. Mayoral elections are held, and in a City of Nelspruit (South Africa) Sucko was elected as a Mayor. He is supported by 40 Croatian citizens.
Presidential elections were held on 1st September. Zocky was elected President of South Africa and he became the first President of a Croatian Community in Erepublik.
The original inhabitants of South Africa were not pleased with their new President and have launched a prolonged campaign against Croatian leadership in South Africa. This conflict had lasted 3 months, until the day Croatia was created.

There were 5 Cities in South Africa. Each City elected its own Mayor.
Croatian community achieved its greatest achievement in South Africa on 20th September.
Mayoral elections are held in all cities and Croatian candidates won 4 out of 5 Mayoral seats. This in effect gives Croats total control of the Government in South Africa. Elected Mayors were gotcha1234, Llux, Tomislav and crni.
During three months in South Africa, Croatian Community continued to grow passing the 100-citizen mark.
Zocky is elected President for the second time on 1st October.
Most likely even greater achievement happened in USA, where Croatian Roby Petric was elected President of USA on a same day.
Sucko become a new President of Croatian - African UNION CAU on 10th October.
A tragedy hit Croatian Community just a few days later. Many Croatian citizens left Erepublik, disillusioned with the new V1 Erepublik. There were food shortages, citizens were not able to perform their basic functions, everything took to long.... and as a result many left for ever.
But, life in eRepublik went on.
Congress Election on 25th October was a great victory for a Croatian - African UNION - CAU. Party has won a majority in Congress and was able to rule in its own right.
Sucko was elected President of South Africa on 5th November.

History of Croatia

9th December, Croatia in New World

Finally, after many months living, working, fighting and surviving in strange lands, Croatians have a Homeland.
There is a great celebration as first people arrive in Croatia.
Many Croats that have not been seen for a very long time in Erepublik, have arrived in Croatia. Among them are Giovanne, Sulla and many others. People are arriving from all over the New World; South Africa, USA, UK, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Romania...
In a first day there are 200 people in Croatia. In first three days population has increased to over 1000 citizens.
This sudden population explosion has brought many problems.
There was no food, so food companies had to be built. More experienced players worked for minimum wage, just to supply food for hundreds of hungry new citizens.
There was no Congress. No new Laws could be enacted.
Country was led by a well organized Provisional Government, which had limited power.
New Political Parties were created.
Following is the list of the Political Parties in Croatia, and their creators:

Hrvatska Stranka Prava (HSP) - gotcha1234
Hrvatska Stranka Radnika (HSR) - Couvert
Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka (HDS) - Roby Petric
Hrvatska Ujedinjena Stranka (HUS) - Sucko
Hrvatski Liberalni Demokrati (HLD) - Lukok

Croatia elected to join ATLANTIS, and became a Full Member of Atlantis Alliance.

First Elections in Croatia - January 2009

Roby Petric was elected the first President of Croatia.

First Presidential Elections in Croatia were hotly contested by Couvert, Lukok, gotcha1234 and Roby Petric. People of Croatia have elected Roby Petric as the first President of Croatia.
Ten days later, on 15th of January, party Presidential elections have passed without any major surprises.
Congress elections have seen a great battle between HSD and HUS, two leading Political Parties. Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka HSD has won most seats in Congress.
Croatia continued to grow. There were almost 3000 people living in Croatia, making it the 6th largest country in Erepublik.
Croatia started to develop and organize its Army. ATLANTIS forces were often joined with a Croatian Division in battles all over the New World.
A new Hospital was purchased. Now, Northwest Croatia has a Q5 Hospital. Croatia continued to develop steadily in all areas.

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