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Originally the e-OBE scheme was part of the Citizen Awards policy, but due to a larger scheme being detailed and proposed by Paddyohale, the aforementioned legislation was amended to remove the e-OBE section and incorporated into the Honours legislation.
This legislation was passed by Parliament on August 1st 2008.

Order of the British eRepublik Empire

The government has established an honours system for the e-UK. An Honours Committee nominates and rewards notable UK citizens for their efforts to promote or further the UK in eRepublik.

Honours Committee

The Committee consists of the Regional Council Chair, and representatives of the five main Parties. The Committee elects its own Chair who will be titled the Honours Secretary. The Committee will endeavour to find examples of UK citizens that have gone beyond the call of duty to either help develop or promote the UK in any media.

In the past, Committee Members were nominated by Party Presidents immediately after the Regional Council has elected its Chair (roughly the 21st of the month), so that nominations could be researched and proposed in preparation for an awards date of the 11th of the following month (with proposals being put forward to either President if there is a change of national leadership on the 1st of the following month).

Levels of the Order

Based on the Order of the British Empire, there are 5 levels of award, in order of seniority:

  • Knight Grand Cross of the British Empire (GBE)
  • Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE)
  • Commander of the British Empire (CBE)
  • Officer of the British Empire (OBE)
  • Member of the British Empire (MBE)

The two most senior levels of the order, the KBE and GBE, both entitle the recipient to use the prefix of "Sir" in their title, denoting their knighthoods.

A recipient of any level of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire is entitled to wear an Order of the British eRepublik Empire ribbon. Civilians may wear the following:

  • Ribbon - Order of the British eRepublik Empire - Civilian.png

Whilst Military servicemen and officers are entitled to wear the military ribbon:

  • Ribbon - Order of the British eRepublik Empire - Military.png or Textured ribbon - Order of the British eRepublik Empire - Military.png


It is possible for a citizen who has already been recognised to further their contribution to the point where the Committee thinks that a further honour is necessary. In this case, a Committee Member follows the same procedure as before but replaces the awarded Honour in the proposal with one of higher precedence. If successful, the citizen upgrades the previous award with the new, higher award, updating titles and post-nominal letters where necessary. If unsuccessful, the citizen retains the right to the first award, and may still use the relevant post-nominal letters.


If a citizen who has received an Honour acts in such a way that the Committee decides that the Honour should be stripped, any Committee Member can make a proposal to the Committee recommending that the citizen is stripped of the Honour. The requirements for the proposal are the same as for awarding an Honour; that is it must have a 2/3 majority (4 out of 6 votes) to pass. If the proposal is voted for, proposed to the President and accepted, the citizen will have the Honour stripped from their Wiki page and will be asked to remove the post-nominal letters from their eRep profile.

Honours List

The Committee meets monthly to decide on nominations for awards. The list of successful recipients will be known as the "Honours List", and released and marketed as such - preferably at the same time each month. The Committee will only honour a few citizens each month (up to 3 maximum), as overuse of the awards will lead to them becoming 'devalued'. It is the responsibility of the Committee to nominate those who have put in an outstanding contribution that deserves to be recognised.


For the past year, the Honours Committee has functioned on a monthly basis, with committee members making nominations throughout the month, and the highest sponsored nominations going to vote at the end of the month. In general, one nominee and one presidential resignation nominee are awarded.

Resignation Honours List

Any outgoing President of the UK can have their own "Resignation Honours List. This list is limited to one citizen who has not been honoured in the previous three months, and the award is for the lowest precedence Honour that the citizen has not yet been awarded.

To recognise the different circumstances of this List, the proposal is put forward from the President to the Honours Committee but with the requirement that it only needs a simple majority (including the President's vote) to be approved - that is, the Committee must actively vote to reject the proposal by a margin of 4 votes to 2 in order to veto it, as a 3-3 tie would be approved with the President's casting vote (which is only used in this situation). The Committee would have 24h to vote on the proposal, but does not have to explain its reasoning to the President if it is rejected.

If accepted, the Honour is conferred "for services to the UK", and the recipient is entitled to use the respective suffix. If rejected, the President has the option of nominating a second citizen under the same procedure and with the same voting structure. If this second proposal is unsuccessful, the President cannot nominate any more citizens for their Resignation Honours List.

Honours Recipients

The following citizens have been awarded an honour by the Committee to the levels stated below:

Badge - Knight Grand Cross of the British eRepublik Empire.png Knight Grand Cross of the British eRepublik Empire

No information

Badge - Knight Commander of the British eRepublik Empire.png Knight Commanders of the British eRepublik Empire

Medal - Commander of the British eRepublik Empire.png Commanders of the British eRepublik Empire

Medal - Officer of the British eRepublik Empire.png Officers of the British eRepublik Empire

Medal - Member of the British eRepublik Empire.png Members of the British eRepublik Empire

Renounced Recipients

  • Iain Keers, KBE (previously OBE, MBE) -- renounced his titles in May 2013.

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