List of governments of Colombia

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Colombian government is formed by the president and his/her ministers. This is the list of known governments in the past.


Prime Minister

The Prime Minister acts like Vice president and helps the President to lead the cabinet.

Minister of Defense

The Minister of Defense leads the military forces of Colombia.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

The minister of Foreign Affairs helps the president with the international relations of Colombia.

Minister of Economy / Governor

The Minister of economy controls the money, the organizations of the Colombian State, suggests taxes. Later the position was replaced by Governor.

Minister of Education

The Minister of Education helps new Colombian players to grow in the game.

Removed positions

Minister of Interior

The Minister of Interior collects statistics and organizes internal social politics.

Minister of Culture and Leisure

The Minister of Culture and Leisure gives the game more fun.

Minister of Baby Boom

The Minister of Baby boom plans strategies and makes publicity of the game.