List of governments of Czech Republic

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The following is a list of the Cabinet Ministers of Czech Republic.

November 2010

Funkce Zkratka Jméno
President - Khalid Nisterlooij
Vice-President - nejjko
Minister of Finances MoF Ataltos
Ministr průmyslu MoI Vladislav Baloun
Minister of Foreign Affairs MoFA Volodaaaa
Minister of Defense MoD Red_Baxter
Minister of Population MoP Red Duck
Minister of Population MoM sbau
Minister of Information MoInf Jan Parma

Nov 30, 2010

April 2011 - February 2012

While part of Czechoslovakia

MoD Vice President
Ghostbiker Jan Parma, ?  ?
Nerux  ?  ?
Burko Burian  ?  ?
martin 123456789  ?  ?
Ironymus  ?  ?
Frank Zafka  ?  ?
Greatmoff Dimitru Osraldescu, martin 123456789, Doco11  ?
Dimitru Osraldescu Markusiak, Doco11  ?
Markusiak Dimitru Osraldescu, Matibucholski Leinades
matibucholski Leinades, gabberattack Nicneumel

May 2012

Function Abbreviation Name
President - Qw1n
Vice-President - Krt3cek
Minister of Finances MoF Red Duck
Minister of Foreign Affairs MoFA Flamendr
Minister of Internal Affairs MoIA Tomas Jelinek
Minister of Defence MoD Krt3cek
Minister of Population MoP Michalov z Moravy

February 2019

March 2019

April 2019

July and August 2019